The History of the Jesuits

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Many people have lost their lives to expose the wicked system of the Vatican and its cohorts called the Jesuits. Jim Arrabito gives information that details such despicable infiltration of our institutions of governance.


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  1. So many untruths and distortions. Charles Chiniquy (in Canada) was charged with immorality by the Catholic church. He was then defrocked and excommunicated. I would not place faith in anything he says against the RCC.

  2. The "oaths" were written years ago by an anti-Catholic bigot in the US. They were used mainly in US political campaigns to try to defeat Catholic candidates. They are in the Congressional Record because a Catholic candidate was challenging the results of an election and was showing the ludicrous lies being circulated about Jesuits and K of C by the winning candidate.

    Copies of the Jesuit oath (or 4th vow) existed only in English and a copy has never been found in any other language!

  3. That so called oath has been debunked time and again by the Smithsonian Institute in DC.
    Idiots like Crypto J E W eric Phelps, who married a Jewess and sells diamonds imported from Tel Aviv put out that nonsense.
    Im no fan of Jesuits, most are Crypto J E Ws, but only J E Ws put out such nonsense.

    Why do we pay a Kosher Tax to the tune of Billions on our Food and non food items in the grocery stores?

  4. You must be a roman catholic and unaware of the history of the Jesuits of the writing of Ignatius Lyola the 1st Jesuit general or their extreme oath or wrost are one yourself to claim some which clearly false as to claim Jerusalem as Babylon ..mystery Babylon when since the 1500's all bible living and secular students of history have identified Rome as Babylon and the Vatican as keeper of the mystery schools. Vatican and Holy See are terms linked to divination, chief in the mystery schools.

    This was JE Ws, not Jesuits.

    Same with USS LIBERTY, all banking heads, King David Hotel, All Israeli Wars in last 60 yrs, Lavon Affair & TALMUD written by J EWs not Jesuits et al.
    Israel world leader in organ, arms slave trafficking and organized crime. And its J EWs that live there, not Jesuits, supported by Evangelical Protestant heretics.
    Whore of Babyo=Jewry centered in Jeruslam-Rev 11:8 says its WHERE Christ was Crucified. Not Rome

  6. the jesuit and the cathoilc church are behind the new world order the jesuit make
    war the jesuit made zionsm and nazism and the jesuit are behind the new world order
    the jesuit are behind the roman empire is the roman cathoilc church

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