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  1. On the subject of evil catholic priests. If you do a search on 'Tuam mass graves" it's shocking. They have recently found around 1000 bodies of children dumped in a cesspit pit at a 'care home" for unmarried mothers in Tuam, Ireland. They are still finding bodies. The Vatican has 'apologized' as usual. And it's been suppressed in the news. This was happening until recently. The public need to know. It would be great if you publicised it in a video. Thanks for your hard work brother

  2. You need to research the Protestant "Reformation" and the Jesuit "Counter Reformation". Study things like the "Gunpowder Plot of 1605" (Papacy wanted to kill King James because he ordered the translation of the English bible) and also study up on their founder…his name is Ignatius Loyola, he was a MYSTIC. Jesuits had a lot of plots trying to kill "Bible Believing" Christians because they wouldnt follow the Pope. Research the "Black Madonna" statue at Montserrat in Spain. If you want more things to study, research the "Spanish Armada of 1588". GBU

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