The Jesuit controlled Church and Putin – They are deceiving you !

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Good deeds ? Like what conspiring with Hitler ? The Sovjet Story ? War in
The Ukraine 2014 ? The War in Syria for Russian Interest for Oil and Gas to
counter China and USA ? Its all Vatican Plot controlled by The Jesuits and
their temporal power deceiving the world for their quest for absolute world
wide control. It works the same as in USA , The Cold War was a Masonic HOAX
from the start there has never been any threat of Nuclear War it was all


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  1. the world is a stage and the Jesuits original came up with the idea of moving pictures as a way to counter the reformation "the magic lantern" their production soap opera has been ongoing since then … same with heliocentrism and planet worship saying we are all sungods then saying on a athiest science front that we are all star/sun dust and that energy never dies it just changes forms so this is their form of Nimrod/tammuz/semiramis reincarnation BS

  2. Let's rewind , russian churches suffering lack of worship because of their lies.
    They are perhaps the most hated fake religion outside of islam.
    Yes we can fix russian musical worship issues , but not as long as catholic ass is being kissed.

  3. the orthodox and catholic churches hv long been enemies .. read your history of the Bolsheviks how they were backed by the old Roman Catholic Church to take Russia ' s gold away.. the Bolsheviks double crossed the church and it is partly why the Catholic Church had a quarrel with Communism

  4. Putin is a Jesuits agent who should start the WW III and sacrify all Russians' sons and exterminate all Slaws ! DO NOT BELIEVE HIM . Tito has changed the color of his eyes too – he was a secret Jesuit agent who worked on distruction of all _Serbs. Now, we, Serbs, know it.

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