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The Swiss banks are mainly controlled by The Rothschilds (all Masonic Papal
Knights) who were brought to power by The Jesuit order during the creation
of the Bavarian Illuminati , Switserland is controlled by The Jesuits , The
Vatican Guards are Swiss and have been since the 1300’s , Switserland never
had any Invasion ever and this is the very reason , also The planning for
The Bavarian Illuminati has taken place in Switserland.

There are Templar casles in Switserland dating back to the 1200’s and i
have seen a Skull & Bones basement in one of these castles.

The Jesuit Order was founded based on (Templarism and The Assassins) in
1534 Paris.

The Franciscans and Ignatius Loyola was inspired by St Francis of Assisi
Because it posseses souvereign Immunity from prosecution , JUST LIKE 911
and the War on Terror ? How much longer is the world going to tolerate this
? It cannot be possible that they come away with EVERY major atrocity until
now they do.


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