The Jesuit Department of Homeland Security – NWO Vatican Jesuits created, control and run the DHS

The so called “Alternative media” loves to talk about how the DHS is storing up billions of rounds of ammunition for the American people, but what they fail to tell you is the OBVIOUS fact that the Jesuits created, control and run the Department of Homeland Security. This video is distinct and unequivocal PROOF that the Jesuits are behind the unpatriotic and Orwellian DHS.

John C. Gannon and Randy Beardsworth who were crucial in the creation of the DHS agency, were both Jesuit trained. Virtually all the top positions since its inception have been filled by Jesuit trained individuals and or Papal knights.

Over and over again, we see individuals educated at Jesuit institutions most notably, Georgetown University, the Jesuit fortress of the USA. Other universities such as The College of the Holy Cross and Santa Clara also feature. The organisation is run entirely by Vatican NWO Jesuits of Rome.

Again, ALL roads ALWAYS lead to Rome. All the info in this video is factual and with a little research can easily be found.


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