The Jesuit Devils (Revelation 18:3) 1 of 2

Jesuits. Whore of Babylon. Pope Francis. Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Society of Jesus. World Government. Antichrist. Martyrs. Persecution.


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  1. hi gregory can you make a video about every holiday like halloween christmas christmas eve easter thanksgiving and other holidays predicted in the bible i do believe these are pagen gods but my family don't believe any of these

  2. You nailed it when you said this current generation is spiritually dead. There's almost not a way to put enough emphasis on it. I see them on facebook making twerking videos, pole-dancing videos, half naked selfies, salivating over who will play the parts in "50 shades of Grey," posting pictures from "Magic Mike" and all this other vexing stuff, then one of them comes up pregnant, the bum that got her pregnant leaves town, and then the girl spends the rest of her life blaming all the problems in the world on everyone but herself. Then somewhere else she's calling herself a Christian. Rinse and repeat.

  3. Loved the sermon. I hope you don't mind me linking bro. Dave Hunt's "A Woman Rides the Beast" video to this one. I'v been studying this (biblical and secular) for many years now, and still do not have a more clear and precise picture other than what's been presented here so far. The truth of this nation's history is not known by many. It has been tucked away much in the same manner as the KJB, and can only be found out through much study.
    now on to pt. 2……God bless you.

    (A Woman Rides the Beast)

    A video by bro. Bryan Delinger brought me here btw.

  4. Ben Carson to my knowledge is a Seventh Day Adventist. At this point I could care less that's true. If its either him or possibly another who goes to the Bohemian Grove running around naked with a bunch of men conducting mock sacrifice and worshiping a 50 ' owl, I'm all in for Ben. Just saying…

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