Jesuits. Whore of Babylon. Pope Francis. Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Society of Jesus. World Government. Antichrist. Martyrs. Persecution.


11 Replies to “The Jesuit Devils (Revelation 18:3) 2 of 2”

  1. Ive sarted praying everyday for the destruction of this evil, manipulative system. Have you ever heard it said that the god of the constitution is "we the people"? Like do what thou wilt sortta mentality.

  2. Freedom of Religion is no where in the Bible. The Bible states we are only to worship one God. So that is why i have always wondered why people think this is a Christian country. Just like Greg said, no where in the Constitution is Jesus mentioned. The God of the Constitution is the grand architect of masonry, Lucifer. And have you noticed now everything is called Christianity? (Catholicism,Seventh Day,Mormons,Jehovah's Witness…etc.etc.etc..). Everything is now just accepted since we have a so called freedom of religion. God never gave us freedom to worship as we please. Its all over the Bible, he destroys entire nations for that so why are we any different. We will be destroyed as a nation. Thank God i am made a new creation, seen as sinless, my debt has been paid the the blood of Christ and my eyes are spiritually open to the truth. Thank you God for your free gift, your love, your salvation.

  3. Dave Hunts book " The Woman that Rides the Beast" should be mandatory reading for ALL Bible believers. It is Jaw dropping !!! This is from a guy that went to a Jesuit University, and by the grace of God, got out.

  4. New to your channel. have listened to about 4 sermons already. It helps kids are not here to interrupt. I have 2 teenagers. both have given their lives to the Lord. praise be to Jesus our King. My daughter just last year at this time was cutting herself, and I was horrified about it. Knowing the times we are living in I prayed many prayers for her. Now she is not only a believer, she brings her bible to school and does not care what anyone thinks. She has written May essays in the bible, including one on heaven and hell. it was so amazing! I don't think I can thank our Lord enough on hire far she has come. She gets up at 5 a.m. each morning to hear lessons. God is so gracious!!!
    God bless you my brother.

  5. Wow! nice study. I am convinced that anyone with piles of cash has sold out to the elite or NWO. Did you know Col. Sanderson founder of KFC was a 33 degree mason? So I did a search on Dave Thomas founder of Wendys and guess what? He was a mason too. So forgive me for not jumping up and down cheering for Donald Trump for the next election. We have been played for decades. Let the games begin once again.

  6. Amen! You very clearly explained the exact state of most brain-dead, apostate and unsaved, possessed and devil-controlled fools today!!! Discernment and the desire for the truth, as uncomfortable as it is, is an indicator of a bible believing christian……and fools hate them. "Any day Lord Jesus, we long to be with you"!!!

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