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  1. I watch videos on Youtube for the short media version of information. I ABHOR reading videos with loud music. WTH? When I want to read, I grab a book. Dramatic music with a BUNCH OF PRINT makes me click on the next video. I want to hear people discuss the issues, SEE FOOTAGE, etc. I HATE THIS CLIP.

  2. the n.w.o, aka, vatican knows America is pro- Isreal, the vatican wants to own the world and they use are military to aquire it, also they want America to fund there world domination. they are using Isreal as a way to get our support for there agenda, they can rape our rights and tax us to death while they do it…

  3. Shame on Ronald reagan 9 I never liked him anyway) for bringing in the Jesuit control to the United States. and everyone thought that he was such a nice guy. who do you think was behind the: kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, actually all wars?

  4. why is it that fox media,glen beck,judge napolitano,etc have a seat at fox news.why is rupert murdoch a jesuit being publicly humiliated by freeemason,zionist,elite ,etc. it seems to me that fox is the only media other than alternative media doing something while others tell you go to sleep sheeple.I have my doubts maybe it is to ursurp the movement of liberty etc. but why is fox alone on this ?strange things are happening is there a divide in beliefs or is the catholic church up for a fight?

  5. I wonder why does this video have so few views… I suggest you add "and Iluminati" (or something like that) in the name… then it will get views…

    Anyway, could someone please explain how is Jesuit order related to the "I.H.S." – I'm not sure what that is but that's what I'm asking.

    I've found a sun symbol with letters "IHS" on it on a giant local church which very old…. I wonder what does it mean. Thanks!

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