The Jesuit Order – Vatican Shadow Government that controls the world. Part 1.mp4

Religion , Politics , Banking , Law all controlled by Rome and its all CORRUPT and for ONE purpose only , WORLD DOMINATION and a Facist One , but they will try and make it attractive to buy in (New Age, False Peace, UN) They are changing the laws constantly ,this is highly disturbing , they take away all our freedom by lies (if we where really free in the first place) , also because they control all major corporations they can do what they want with the earth , humanity and food.
911 , False war on terror ,Chemtrails , Monsanto , Gulf Oill Spill and Fukushima are the proof for that.
Once humanity knows the truth , we will be able to act , so we better hurry because a false WW3 is waiting and its being manipulated Every Day ! Part 2 will tell a lot about that.

The Jesuit Order – Vatican Shadow Government that controls the world. Part 2

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  1. Ignacio de Loyola was before the illuminati and jacobins. Adam weishaupt studied in a jesuit college but he wasnt one, illuminati and jacobins were anti pope anti christians, they believe in a religion-philosophy founded in reason and science

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