The Jesuit Order´s Knights Templar Origins

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  1. The "jesuits' jungle"….well that phrase denotes that this channel is the jesuits' own turf and wild grounds. So are you actually saying that this video and channel is run by the jesuits themselves? Because that is what I am getting at now, this is a shill channel aiming to attack on the Ancient Philosophies and Esoteric Knowledge under the false premise of anti-jesuit and anti-vatican…….nice try jesuits.

  2. The Gnostics were NOT lies of satan….read the Gospels of Thomas or Phillip or the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and let the texts tell you if they're wrong or not…oh wait the Church (Jesuits) say you can't so never mind.

    "Beware the man of a single book." – St. Thomas Aquinas, catholic priest

  3. The pope is the anti christ
    anti christ is a position a man holds
    anti christ is placed inside the christian church by satan paul warned us
    anti christ means someone who takes the place of christ
    anti christ is to set in rome with the harlot rev 17 says
    anti christ would kill the saints revelation says thats the inquisition and whats about to come again
    anti christ is a king who comes out of a line of kings thats proof that anti christ is a position revc 17 says this
    anti christ would begin when the roman empire would collapse
    anti christ would end when christ will return
    therefore anti christ is a position
    only one man fits that timeline
    and thats the pope
    the catholic popes jesuits
    control the new world order
    the jesuits control the satanic elite the illuminati
    the jesuits control the masons
    knights of malta
    bohemian club
    bilderburger group
    skull and bones
    club of rome
     council of foregin relations
    these groups make up the occult illuminati
    they are all part of the catholic jesuits
    they share the occult symbolism and agenda which the jesuits set up
    and overall the pope is the anti christ
    whom satan will use to set up a one world government and law
    the lord Jesus warned us

  4. Yes! i think the templars has founding swizerland in 1291! The Swiss have a "Biersorte" calling 1291….

    And 1291 was the last fight of the templars.
    In 1291 the swiss was founded and today the swiss guardians protecting the pope….

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