The JESUIT Papacy’s Diabolical N.W.O. must be resisted by Christian men professing godliness!

By Brother Eric Jon Phelps
TO GET ERIC JON PHELPS’ 1800 PAGE BOOK EXPOSING THE JESUITS THROUGHOUT HISTORY GO TO **OR**!/~/category/id=1221219&offset=0&sort=normal

One correction on the information presented: It is estimated that over 100,000 Germans were massacred in the firebombing of Protestant Dresden (not a military target) during WW2, not 1 million. Still more deaths than Hiroshima’s atomic bomb.



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  1. Thanks for the comment. You can go to Eric Jon Phelps' (Eric is who you hear speaking in this broadcast) website- vaticanassassinsarchive(dotcom) and get his downloadable 1800 page PDF book for $35. It's called VA III (for Vatican Assassins 3rd edition). There he lays out all the names and connections through history and what is going on now. You'll have all the names you need.

    Also try this website for the book- 247worldradio(dotcom)
    Scroll down and click the "Downloadable Products" link

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