The Pope is on another tour to cover up for pedophiles this time visiting Chile. The people there are very angry over the cover up of the crimes of Bishop Kamada who abused children for years. Then the Pope assigned his close predecessor in his place, and the abuse continued throughout churches in Chile. Now the people have lost their cool and are burning down churches and throwing stuff at pope pedo protector.

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The Pope real name Bergoglio came from Argentina during his time their he oversaw the alleged trafficking of hundreds of thousands of people, including 30,000 estimated children. Bergoglio oversaw torture, rape, and murder. He is one of the most heinous people to ever live which is why he is at the top of the Jesuit’s and near the top of the Illuminati control structure.

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24 Replies to “The Jesuit “Pope” Bergoglio’s Legacy will be that of a Pedophile Protector.”

  1. Excelllent titus…Mengela lived out his life in Argentina as well..a nice peaceful one. He experimented on children especially twins…there are very few who survived. One twin was kept as the placebo while the other was gutted for comparison….they were all masons that created that war…Queen windsor/Mountbatton IS from Germany, thats where most powerful mason families hail. Not surprising thats where the world take over fomented from in WWll. It was all about making money and human sacrifices.
    It also fed their huge media propaganda machines….they all do well during war…less population too. Then they puke up this Agenda 21 from the UN. The bible lays them out though….in Revelation it speaks of the freeman demise Rev. 19:18

  2. This pope is a total fraud. He's saying to Italy to " welcome immigrants of libia and Siria don't be racist " what the heck .. they killed gheddafi and create caos and now " welcome immigrants " piano kalergi is real . Sure the Vatican is full of pedos

  3. I hesitate to report this, but I notice that most videos I have watched show a red line under them after I've watched them, but yours tend to not show this red line. I assume they are not counting all your views. I have three of your videos on my list and none have this red line though I've watched them all. All the others I watched, most of em anyway, have the red line.

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