While visiting the nation of Bolivia as part of his South America tour, “Pope” Francis met with the country’s socialist president, Evo Morales. “Reaching out to the peripheries” is what Francis calls this, although, of course, this never results in the conversion of the peripheries but in the peripheries’ conversion of Catholics.

On Wednesday, July 8, 2015 the socialist Morales did what perhaps no head of state before him had ever dared to do so visibly: He gave the “Pope” a blasphemous gift: a “crucifix” depicting our Lord Jesus Christ nailed to a hammer and sickle, the two mail symbols of atheistic and tyrannical Communism. Videos of the event, make clear that Francis accepted the blasphemy happily and serenely, with no sign of protest, shock, or displeasure!

The ‘blasphemous’ crucifix is a replica of the original reportedly made by the Jesuit (!) Fr. Luis Espinal (d. 1980). Communism is an anti-Christian ideology that is the very antithesis of Catholicism.

For Communist Francis, however, this is nothing new – he is no stranger to blasphemy. We recall that in 2013 he accepted an occult “crucifix” that was as hideous as it was diabolical; he himself likes to use the “Bent Cross” crozier of Paul VI; and in general he seems to like everything that is somehow ugly and twisted. After a blasphemous exhibition in Buenos Aires, then-“Cardinal” Bergoglio counseled his people to respond not with righteous anger but instead with “tenderness”, something he certainly displayed in the presence of President Morales. And in 2010, a biography of Jorge Bergoglio was published in which he tells a joke that has the Crucifixion of Christ as its punchline.

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