We are witnessing prophecy unfold right in front of our eyes folks! Wake up and do not be decieved by any means! The man of sin & false prophet cometh!


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  1. Its hard if not impossible to say who the man of sin is until he is revealed to the world as scripture says. We know the pope and the church are evil though. As the bible says there are many anti christs in the world right now including anyone who rejects Yahoshua as the messiah.

  2. The pope is the anti Christ who controls the Illuminati

    Paul said Satan would install the anti Christ inside the church

    so to find the anti Christ you need to look inside of Christianity that's where satans servant would be hiding

    Daniel said the anti christ would dare to try to exalt himself as high as the lord Jesus the prince of host


    so what man comes out of the christian church and dares to claim to be Christs equal

    the pope vicraus filli dei he called himself

    and he will again

  3. Those bishops don't blasphemy or live in golden palaces (or own very much) but they do claim to be representatives of Christ on earth, as we are supposed to be Christ ambassadors it's completely biblical (2nd Cor. 5:20) and the fact that Christ established a hierarchy when he built his Church because he is the God of Order not Chaos. You read Matthew 16:18-20 and then read Isaiah 20:20-22 which is a type showing what it means to open/shut and of it's own office/authority. Also read Matt. 23:1-3

  4. Wow, you have clearly been mislead and lied to. I would ask you to check the source of your source for the supposedly millions of people killed by the Catholic Church… You would think people would of noticed and had it recorded well. Hitler only killed about 6 million jews yet you are telling me Catholics killed 50 to 100 million people and no one noticed.. Get real. Stop reading Jack Chick chronicles of lies and start researching history.

  5. Thanks for completely misrepresenting the entire Catholic Faith. Just to let you know Catholics believe the Pope is a sinful man and is sitting in the Chair of Peter, which is why he wears the ring of the fisherman. Catholics do not worship the Pope nor is the Catholic Church ever depicted as Babylon in the Bible. Anything kissing or respect given to the Pope is to Honor is Office which Jesus Christ himself started when he gave Kephas the Keys to the Kingdom (Matthew 16:18-19).

  6. Yea its amazing that so many people can't see that. They must have forgotten the churches persecution and murder of millions of people many years ago, not to mention the pedophiles and sex abuse thats rampid. This is a wicked institution and people should stop lying to themselves.

  7. I really could care less about the whole 111th or 112th pope which i believe was this mans vision from his time moving forward not since the papacy began. Second every man who sits as a pope is evil, period. He gets earthly worship from the sheeple who refuse to see him and the church in general for what it really is.

  8. Matthew 16:16:19 kind of confirms biblical evidence
    50 to 100 million killed fantastic figures fantatist where's the evidence?
    Worried about saturday or sunday worship ? don't be,,worship God on both days Infant baptism ? many protestant denominations believe in this including Catholics ..''Nothing undefiled can enter Heaven etc'' to remove stain of original sin which we all inherit

  9. Hey all our statues are covered with purple cloth during lent so we can concentrate on jesus Including Sacred heart and Our Lady O cloth I worship you!!!
    These Protestants are crazy with their conclusions Idolatory??? An image to raise the heart and mind to the one true God isn't idolatory Just Protestants following like sheep ''THEIR MAN MADE RELIGION''AND THEIR HERETICAL TEACHING

  10. So true! People want to be lost, they dont want the truth. The prophets of the bible along with the messiah were killed not because they lied but because they didnt. People need to wake up and understand stop following these wicked men.

  11. I can't believe how many people actually think being a pope is biblical. That has nothing to do with the bible. LOL! From 538AD to 1798AD, the roman catholic church kill between 50 million to 100million of true believers christian and jews. They even change the sabbath from saturday to sunday. No evidents in the bible backs up a change in the day of worship. They bow down to statues, baptize babies, and forgive of your sins. READ THE BIBLE!

  12. Popes all evil greedy "people" many pedophiles as we have seen all too clearly, these sick perverse old men running around in birthday cake hats stealing the world's money & the people's Souls, leading them astray. The hat of Nimrod the fish god of the days of babel.

  13. ~ I have been Catholic all of my life and I love our Catholic faith. Why do some people still think Catholics pray to statues? Some also say we worship Mary. I pray to our Blessed Mother everyday to pray for me. I have a profound love for Jesus and could not start or end my day without Him. God bless.

  14. Revelation 17:11 is a riddle! Napoleon arrested Pius VI in 1798 ending church and state control in Europe. "was" Since 1798 we have had 7 Papal name's. 1. Pius 2. Leo 3. Gregory 4. Benedict 5. John 6. Paul 7. John Paul Verse 11 is a riddle describing the Pope after John Paul. Benedict "was" 2005-2013 "is not" Resigned Feb 28, 20013 Frances Elected 8th name since 1798. "EVEN he (Benedict) is an 8th "yet is" Frances goes, Benedict's back and changes to 8th name. Is a riddle!

  15. You tried to produce a vid demoralising the Catholic Church but at the same time you're using as a soundtrack a Jimmy Cliff's song. Well, his religion was Rastafari and believed worshipped and accepted Jah as his god!!! Your're not serious!!!!

  16. I respect your views, but as a new Catholic Convert, we do not pray to the statues and Crucifixes, they are there to help us remember why we are praying, and to whom we are praying. I have test driven many many churches, and this is the one that was the most difficult to be baptized in, and to be blessed in. It took me 2 almost 3 years to go thru the whole process. It isn't a big Idolatry worship. I pray to a Jesus that loves all and cares for all, not to a statue.

  17. Also in 2 nd thess if u kept reading it says remember for I told you these things, then goes on to say what? Now I reveal a mystery!!! For some will be taken out of the way. (Then) the wicked will come. You can't just read you have to study every word or you miss the context or what is being said

  18. There is a plain clear dif. Between rapture and Christ second coming the timeline is not possible from the time he talks of us meeting him in the clouds and Him coming to the Earth. The events in between are years apart. This is not going on at same time or same day. Read the whole thing not just on verse. It won't matter if you believe. If you are in Christ body you will be caught up 🙂 just you should look forward to Gods promise not reject it.

  19. I do not want to argue with my brothers in Christ but I would like you to understand you being saved by Christ blood, he took a great punishment on His body for the sin of the world. In return just asked us to believe this in Faith. It was A Gift. He is telling us through Paul I have a secret. Not all of you will Die. Because you are my Body and I put my body through torment once. I will not do it again. Understand these words.

  20. The Wicked? Who is that ? The beast. We are removed then the Beast comes in. We know the Beast is here at the start of Trib. Therefor we are out if here Before the Trib. Starts. You are taking tribulations and Persecutions against Christians and Saying that's what Is meant by 7 yr Trib. It is not. The Anti Christ is here and all man kind left is being judged under Gods wrath and in the End God will finish his Covent with his people ( believing Jews and reign 1000 yrs ) (kingdom )

  21. He does not say it like that Thorne3000. It also says this though.2 Thessalonians 2:7-8 (KJV) 7[For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth ] will let[, until he be taken out of the way.] 8[And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:]

  22. The same question I ask.Will the last trumpet preceed the first tru the sixth trumpet.? Should it be considered unfortunate for true believers to go through trials and tribulations which are no indications of God's wrath toward His people?

  23. Im just trying to put forth the truth to those who are willing and want to hear it. You have to remember the messiah was not jewish but was a hebrew israelite thats a fact. His name was Yahoshuah, a hebrew name meaning Yahs salvation. The world has been decieved through religion that only mimicks truth. The bible is not a christian book, its a history book and gives us commandments on how we are to live our lives. thx for the posts and subscriptions!

  24. Throne the purpose of Christ going to the cross was to forgive sin. Past , present and future ALL sin. For those that believed in Faith. The 7 yr Trib. Is all wrath with the Anti Christ ruling. Christ says his body will not go through that period. That's how much he loved us.

  25. The Bible doesn't have the word "Bible" in it, either, yet it clearly exists! Referring to 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 … the original Greek was translated into a language called Latin Vulgate, which means 'common Latin', a language understood by scholars through the ages. The Latin Vulgate for 'caught up' is 'rapere', from which word we get the English 'rapture'.

  26. No it does not say Rapture. It says Caught up ( meaning taken by force )1 Thessalonians 4:17 (KJV) 17[Then we which are alive ] and[ remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.]

  27. I most defiantly believe this pope is the False Prophet and Obama very well could be the Anti Christ. Going into Jerusalem 5 days before Passover? Just as Jesus did before he proclaimed himself Messiah. Is Obama about to proclaim himself a god? Is he about to sign the 7 yr peace treaty that starts the Trib. If so Rapture will be taking place soon and Gods church ( his body) will be called home. I look forward to it 🙂

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