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    Some are encouraged to hear that we may get a "Nuremberg Process" in the US – as in the last minute, BEFORE we''may have a third World-War. The Black Nobility of Venice – the historical funders of the Axis-powers – are by light-years the most wealthy entity in the world. Since WWI they have been running the FED and thus a growing Deep State in the US to, as well as on royal side of the Atlantic. Thus they love to use the US population and resources as proxies, to fight, suffer and die for the debt-paper called "dollars".

    Two world wars and some 70 wars, black-ops and psy-ops around the world have already proven that the mixed and rootless inhabitants of the New World are very easy to rise into complete obedience, as good boys, scouts, soldiers and spec-ops – ready to take on ANY mission ANYWHERE in the world – for no other reason than the commnds of their superiors and handlers. Now the US Govt and Army is asked to take on the entire world in a new "Final Resolve" ("Entlösung"), by launching a new World War – to demolish Russia and conquer the entire Greek-Orthodox world, to the NWO of The Holy Roman Empire.

    The US/Nato build-up of offensive weapons of all kinds along the Russian border – sponsored by the most secret society in Europe ("The Octogon") are owed by the oldest existing – and by far most wealthy – Oligarchy in the World. As funders of the Catholic Rome this Oligarchy became immensly rich during the far-reaching conquests – and indepth looting – by the Catholic Empire. With this wealth they ran all banks of mainland Europe, from where they – tx to Napoleon – could conquer the Banks of England and Scottland as well. Since the privatization the FED they've been controlling the US economy from A to Z, running booms and boosts as they would see fit. Consequently they runs the Military-Industrial complex as well as the major movers in Pentagon and Washington. By proxies, of course – like the Rotschils and Rockefellas, Wartburgs and Harrimans, Schiffs and Bushes. Then there's the FED, the CFR and the Mainsteram Media.

    Now they DO, indeed, want to "throw the table" once again – to extract the wealths still available for looting on this planet. Which first and foremost are the Russian minerals and energty-sources. Consequently we need to launch a massive Blitz-Krieg-Attack on Russia – to get to the last major resources and thus gain supreme power around the Globe.


    As soon as their Black Boy moved into the White House the concrete planning for an ultimate revenge of the loss on the Eastern front in 1943 is again called "The Final Resolve" ("Die Entlösung") – and, thus, nicknamed "Operation Barbarossa II". No wonder we're aproaching a nuclear disaster. THANKS TO THE DEEP STATE running the US and EU, as well as the IMF/BIS and ALL the affiliated banks. The owners of this "Holy Empire" and its millenial old and highly skilled Secret Service – is as always – ran from the castles of Provance.

    Due to their immense, undeground halls of old loot – of gold and silver – accumulated since the Venetian Church of Rome and its "Holy Empire", continously, since their sucessive conquests of the historic treasures of pre-Roman Europe and pre-Catholic America. From behind the scenes they've been running the world finances – to keep enriching themselves and conquer the world – since the rape of Old Europe, the subjugation of Fenno-Scandia and the following plunder of Meso-America. Owing and running the Vatican Church through the Jesuit oranisation, the worlds oldest Secret Service, the most sucesssful entety ever to stage wars and invade, plunder, rape and conquer other nations – ever.

    Today there is NOTHING any Russian official can do or say to avoid a First Strike from the US/NATO. Since the war-games started running in Pentagon, as of 2009-2011, the supersonic, millitary version of the Artemis Project Manager concluded that a massive launch of advanced missiles and rail-guns would easily devastate ALL Russian nuclear subs and bases in less than a day – leaving them NO defence against "our" IBMs. Though, to avoid the defence and a devastating retaliation from NEW Russian weapon-systems the launch had to go before 2020-22. Thus a tentative date was set, for March 2018. Which is corrected to "Ultimo November 2018".

    This means that the Old Oligarchy – grown from the Black Nobility of Mideval Venice – FINALLY will have their old, historical dream come through – gaining "Supreme and Souvereign Rule of The World". Via their many well-paid and very useful idiots within banking, politics and military, who gladly finance, legitimize, train and execute to use the impressive weaponry from the Military-Industrial Complex OWED by the Venetian Vipers. As usual – their scrupless agents, corrupted managers and scout-brigades of usefull idiots – within politics and MEDIA – will make sure that the Propaganda Machine is in place, to cover the False flags needed to force Nato into action.

    Just like the co-opted false-flags igniting WWI and the ongoing strifes and scaremongering pushing Germany to start WWII. BOTH initiated with economical turmoil, THANKS to the pressuring strategies of the Big Banks – creating ecomical roller-coasters, social unrest and political havoc – all over Europe.


    This time the roller-coaster is ready to hit both Europe and the US, molding the public and silencing the politicians – with fear and scare. It's all in the TIMING – which explains WHY the Swiss vaults keeps subsidizing the military part of the state economy of the US and EU during the last years. By today the Swiss Oligarchs ship some fractions of their gold – as in 3,5 tons a week – to bolster the nessecary financing of the final MOBILIZATION. When every launch-pad is in place, loaded and Lock-heeded they will simply pull the plug on the economy – creating superinflation, by rocketting the oil- and food-prices and deflate the currency.

    The effect will create severe political and economical problems and grave social unrest. THEN the False Flag will hit – this time probably from the inside of Russia, where some 60.000 thoroughly trained Spec-Ops – fluent in Russian language and culture and trained like as Russian Spetznatz – are about to position themselves. As soon as they are able to get their hands on some mobile, Russian missile-launcher – and reach SOME Nato territory – every Nato-General "on board" with the Deep State will have the freedom to "retailiate" – whether POTUS aproves or not.

    At this time the corrupted proxies within the US, used to shouting "Fuck the EU!" will widen their scope, and include Russia as well as the US in their reptilian vocalubary. Fullfilling the strategy known from the Roman conquest of Asia Minor and Europe, where some neutral observer charcterized the ideolgy of the old "Black Nobility of Rome" – who where behind the Roman conquest and due etnocide throughout Northern Europe, they


    The rest is NOT history – this time around. After WWIII the History of the Human Kind, as we know it, will END. Whatever re-appear will NOT be human, in the historic and the PRESENT meaning of that word. The last one living – above ground – may keep blessing the Lord as long as they still breathe – singing "THANK YOU, America – Guiding Light of The Free World." Underground – around the Alps, the Applanches and the Andes – some 144.400 members of the Black Nobility will rejoice, though – to Hail the Souverign McMasters of The New World. For a while. Which makes it OBVIOUS – into all extents of the word – that a Nüremberg Process HAVE to be initiated – BEFORE another, devastating World-War.

    This time around the entire American mainland will be hit, eradicating all major cities and military installations. Russia can also play the infiltration-game, just as well as the US. Add that the Octogon Intelligence running the Pentagon – through the Black Hats of CIA/MI6/etc. don't WANT the CIA or Pentagon to actually KNOW what secrets the Russians have – for ultimate defense and retaliation. Moreover, they do NOT tell the US/Nato what the Octogon itself have in place, already within China and Asia. Don't be surprised, but the Venetian Conspiracy were active in China, via London, already during the Hopium Wars.

    Today their proxies are vital parts of the Chineese Banking System – as well as their Military. In reality, the US may very well end up WORSE than Naxi-Germany 1945. Unless we get a THOROUGH Nuremberg-process going – to charge the Oligarch BRAINS and the Industrial HANDS now planning the worst possible Crime Against Humanity – ever. Better do something better than waiting for Jeff Sessions to gain speed and the NEW President to get the REAL drift of the Jesuit handlers behind the Bush-Clinton-Gang, the deceptive Hummer Bummer and the corrupted traitors within the MSM, selling Americas intellect, integrity and dignity down the sewer.

    Moreover, they seem to be hellbent om a catacslysmic war with Russia the comming winter, whatever the American people, the US Congress and the US President actually thinks and says about it…


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