Greg Szymanski ( ) joins to discuss a Freedom of Information Act request by Christopher Strunk and Greg Szymanski to release the Abraham Lincoln documents that have been sequestered ever since 1867 when it was discovered conclusively that the Vatican instigated President Lincoln’s assassination (a fact of which precious few Americans are even aware). Other subjects: the identity of the Biblical Antichrist, the Vatican’s control of our government and our press, President Lincoln’s association with reformed Catholic priest Fr. Charles Chiniquy who was a personal friend of Lincoln and author of the astounding book “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome”, the global church/state system of Rome called the New World Order, Jesuit Coadjutor Alex Jones, The Vatican Bank scandal, the Vatican led New World Order, the coming American Holy Roman Inquisition to destroy Protestant “heretics”, the Vatican’s involvement in the American Civil War, the Jesuit slave trade, what is the remedy for God’s people in America, the esoteric/exoteric duality of Catholicism, America in Revelation 13 causes the whole world to worship the POPE!


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Read the whole book by Charles Chiniquy on-line.

Read this book by Charles Chiniquy on-line.

Timeline: Biography of Samuel Morse
1844 – On May 24, Samuel Morse sends the telegraph message “What hath God wrought?” from the Supreme Court chamber in the Capitol in Washington, D.C., to the B & O Railroad Depot in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Vatican’s Holocaust, by Avro Manhattan
The sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century.

The Vatican Billions, by Avro Manhattan
Two Thousand Years of Wealth Accumulation from Caesar to the Space Age.

The Chiniquy Collection

Vatican Design: Exposed
By John Daniel

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50 Replies to “The Jesuits and the Assassination of President Lincoln”

  1. I will listen to the history of the Jesuits/Pope Pius IX, but I will not believe and in fact will abhor any "spiritual" speech from this man or any person who believes in Replacement Theology.  Israel is God's chosen land for His chosen People-this is a fact from Genesis chapter 12 through Revelation.  Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, sent to the Jew first (and always) then the Gentiles.  The Church is NOT Israel and Israel is NOT the church.

  2. I'm not Catholic but I know anti-Catholic bias when I see it. What a bigot! This is nonsense. The question is this: Does this bigot know this is a bunch of crap but an anti-Catholic bias overshadow the truth or has this bigot convinced himself this garbage is true?

  3. Why the pope is the anti christ

    1 The lord jesus warned us that satan's anti christ would stand in God's temple and decieve the whole world

    paul said the temple of God is christianity

    so if you wanth to find the anti christ you have to look for a religious blasphemere who comes out of christianity and decieves the whole world by calling himself God

    did the popes ever call themselves God?

    yes they did in the dark ages they dared to claim to be Gods equal and christs equal

  4. Read Lincolns inaugural address. If you still consider him a Patriot then your knowledge of America is on par with your knowledge of the Bible as it relates to slavery. Lincoln is loved and admired by Hitler and destroyers of federalism and nation states. One land, indivisible is written on the heart of every socialist. You guys sounded like Cenk on YoungTurks. Might as well celebrate the 14th amendment while you at it. Lincoln is not good because the Jesuits are bad. Two crooks don't make a pa

  5. Ignatius Loyola said, " I will believe that the white that I see is black if the hierarchical Church so defines it." That is the essence of his work. Lies, love of lies, a statement that one is a willing liar. But the non-catholic u.s. could still repent. At heart, romanism is patronizing, holding itself about others, the supposed "heretic."

  6. Due to the demographics of Catholic-led u.s. "immigration" (genocide of protestants?)— the previous "wasp" demographic of the u.s. (99% at the revolution) is forced to pay taxes to raise, educate, and offer lifelong support of catholic people. Catholic politicians facilitated the change in tax structure and the opening of the border to their own people, for protestants to pay for.

  7. Because they don't want to start religious war, because the Jesuits probably encouraged the assassins. But Chiniquy is not all that reliable. Look at the publication date of the book. It was pub after he died. Further, the Lincoln adminnstraiton denied that Chiniquy visited Lincoln in the White House. Lastly, Chiniquy had an ax to grind vs. the Catholic Church. for his own personal reasons.

  8. I'll say. Most of the conspirators were "devout" Catholics. There's evidence that they were instructed by the Jesuits, who teach a foul moral theology. They probably had their own reasons for killing Lincoln, as tempers were high in the border states. D.C. was sympathetic to the south. The Jesuits encouraged them w/ instructions that they "can"" kill Lincoln w/o sinning. This is heresy, but that wouldn't stop a Jesuit.They were an Order of Jews. Read Robert Maryks book, pub. 2010..

  9. Again, when you disagree with people, you just condemn, degrade, attempt to shame, guilt, call names—- that's exactly what the guy in the vid is saying. They "hide" behind religion, and shame people, scare them, call names and so on. That's not real debate. Just look at how you act here.

  10. I learned history in a university that is well-known, but otherwise, I simply read a few hours a day. Your ignorant cut-downs and standard programmed reference to "the klan" (as if) when you disagree with someone and can't intake real history, is very telling. You are highly indoctrinated, obviously. Trying to call people "racist" when you disagree, or to cover your own violence against populations (like your reference to "the klan" and "ribs" (what a cliche!) just exposes YOUR ignorance.

  11. @larosablanca100 I'd love to see some evidence of that. For you to make that statement surely you didn't just arrive at the conclusion from transmissions w/ little green aliens, right? Please direct me to information I can look at & other substantial evidence. I would appreciate it. More the marrier.

  12. I 'll never understand why a southerner killed Lincoln. The war was over and there was no way that the powers that be would let Andrew Johnson remain president. Maybe there was a conspiracy to put Grant and his cabinet membes in office. Or,maybe the official story that Booth was just a angry man and did not think through what the out come of his actions would be is true. I personally don't believe the vatican was behind it.

  13. The Irish potato famine, coupled with marx's "48-ers" were brought in to fight the union; that army was 50% foreign born, something not taught. The anti-anglo feeling of the Irish (who felt defeated by english, so rolled over for rome) were engaged (even now) against the south. Now, Liberation theology is taught to incite S. americans against u.s. protestants ("anglos") in the same way; hart-celler act ensured open border for catholic-incited s. americans, for deaths on the border now

  14. @ziggy2sound4u Interestingly also, the famous video where he hopped up and down and supposedly shamed clinton for others "stealing the birthright" and referenced Jacob's theft of Esau's birthright, he was speaking to all protestants. But the "stolen birthright" is only that— stolen. And then the person has only a "stolen" birthright (not the blessing by rights) and are then a thief. He was expressing joy over protestant usurping, like on t.v., the boasting about Supreme Court is RC.

  15. @ziggy2sound4u Previous "america," was Protestant with founders connected to those persecuted as "heretics" by catholics. By contrast, their worship is de-centralized, small and local, congregatonally elected ministers, reading is highly emphasized and critical thinking to enhance the relationship with God and necessary for the Bible Base (have to read), not afriad of ideas or being killed (except by others) as heretics. U.S. was romanized, but also judaized, which has played out also

  16. @ziggy2sound4u Totalitarianism is a logical conclusion of catholicism. Radical heirarchy, secrecy, emphasis on obedient masses who do as they are told, reportage of all behavior (as in confession), de-emphasis on critical thinking (might lead to the many dangerous "heresies" which are a justifiable cause for death for a catholic, as heretics are killed "crusades", and these killers are heroes to their children.) So, Totalitarianism is just catholicism writ large on a nation

  17. @BereanBeacon1 Ok, that is supposedly proof of Jesuit involvement, but how does that stand against the Freemasons involvement? I suspect that Freemasons, Knights of Malta, and Jesuits may have been cohorts working together as part of the Illuminati structure.

  18. I believe that the Jesuits are evil and also are the Freemasons. However, both Jesuits and Freemasons have been linked to Lincoln's assassination separately. So, the question is, did they work together or are there two stories here?

    If there are two stories, than one story is wrong, but there is ample proof to support both stories. Check my channel and find my web page there on Conspiracy Facts….there is more info there.

  19. @ITILII schools, work with poor all that nice stuff- saved Jews in WW2, check them out on wikipedia etc. Or maybe you think the Jesuits control that too? You know Hitler had that makey uppy pagan viking knight mystic crap. I don't think he was a Mass goer haha. No Christianity in their evil dogma. Shitler was his own cult. Hated Jews &c.. Most Germans were Protestants too -oh no! are all Protestants evil? spouting hate of other Religions? No just the nutty ones, like the thickos on this vid.

  20. @ITILII I have never said the Church condemned the Jesuits in 400 AD. You're hallucinating. I said the pope (Clement XIV) condemned the Jesuits after a four year consistory. I wish Chiniquy's information were correct, but it isn't. Even if it were correct, you cannot use it because it is too vulnerable to contradiction for the reasons I stated, plus former employees of Lincoln admin have denied what Chiniquy said about the meetings he had with Lincoln.

  21. @anastasia58able catholic church comdemned the Jesuits in 400 AD, when the Jesuits weren't even FOUNDED til 1534 ? looks like Chiniquy's information is a bit more accurate when you get such a minor point as to the foundation of Jesuits wrong by over 11 centuries…Jesuits, Pope and their hierarchy are not positive role models to say the least…they are massive wealth in owning real estate, arts, precious metals and financial holdings worldwide but always want more from the ordinary people

  22. @EamonnKee easy to see where your sympahties lie, name some of the wonderful things Jesuits do….to the contrary their methods inspired Hitler and Himmler, who admired them and HImmler modeled the SS on the Jesuits; also they were both Catholics and never excommunicated by the Catholic church, the church signed a concordat with Nazi Germany instead

  23. If you see Robert Redford's film "The Conspirator" it shows you a lot of things about Mary Surratt, and her confessor priests who were Jesuits and lived in the Surratt house all the time Booth and young Johnny were spies for the pope's leaders like Jeff Davis. Redford falls way short of revealing how John Surratt was photographed in the Pope's Zouaves, but he does show Mary's attorney Fredrick Aiken, told her Jesuit priests, that Mary would hang if they continued to hide John Surratt in Canada,

  24. @solomon2c7 Actually, Hitler WAS a Catholic, and according to his biographer Albert Speer, a Catholic all his life as was his "devout" mother. Himmler built the SS on the model of the Jesuit order, (according to Hitler himself) and had relatives who were Jesuit Priests themselves. The Jesuit Rat Lines smuggled at least 20,000 SS men out of Germany through Catholic churches at WW II's end. Hitler was a Catholic boy who became "Der Father," Ratzinger was a NAZI boy who became "The pope" Same guys

  25. @ThreeX Of course he is a man. And a very holy man at that. Why object to a title "holy father" rather than the ridiculous antichrist jibe? People who pump out this anti Catholic nonsense are paranoid delusional people or worse just concocting it to control weak minds themselves! The notion of the Vatican controlling Washington is preposterous. The Jesuits do great work around the world. These guys should research that rather than pumping out silly conspiracy theories.

  26. @de225222 No one video is proof, dude.

    History speaks for itself. The proof is not in a video, it is a picture of understanding in your mind.

    You must take into account the crusades, when Jerusalem was taken over again and again way back, and it was the knights templar who got into solomons temple and brought solomons treasure to the vatican. They were killed because of what they knew for being the messenger.

    The jews are freemsonic jews and freemasonry links to the vatican…

  27. Prove that E.J. Phelps is a temporal Coadjutor. I need ecidence. No photo shop trickery please. If Phelps is a liar then so too is those previous historian whom Phelps referrances. The jesuits were with Hitler, do you deny those photgraphs existence? Based on other people's research as well as Mr.Phelps I agree whole heartedly that the Black Pope controls even Communist/Zionism as well as all arcane secret societies and the CFR. Everything is a front or smoke screen for Rome.

  28. All truth comes from Sacred Tradition- the teachings of Christ and the Apostles. Some was written down and became the NT while some was stillbelieved and practiced and became the teachings of Church thru the centuries. It does not matter what is "Biblical" only what is fully Christian. A better question may be- do they teaching of historical, Apostolic CONTRADICT the NT?

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