Alright, folks. Joggler66 is an amazing and truly unique youtuber who not only allows but also asks his viewers directly to share and also mirror his material about the world domination of the jesuits of Rome. Hailing from Belgium, this German youtuber has participated in many European shows to expose the Vatican. I guess i`ve complied with his request already and presented to you a fair share of his awesome work. Although all you truly need is the bible, I gave to you the bilingual introduction of one of the most important worldly books ever both in English and German, “Rulers Of Evil”, by F. Tupper Saussy, to show you more in depth material regarding what we all know from people like Alberto Rivera, Eric Jon Phelps and Prof. Dr. Walter Veith. I`ve presented to you more about the mystery religion of Babylon last Easter, with Joggler telling you about the knowledge we possess because of the likes of Ralph Woodrow, Edmond Paris, P. D. Stuart, General Thomas Harris, Gabrielle Chana, Gail Chord Schuler, Malachi Martin, Avro Manhattan and other authors, whether we can trust them as individuals or not, who`ve dealt with the jesuits. Last but not least I`ve decided to continue this series by reuploading a show he did on Alexander Hislop`s book “The Two Babylons” in German, who confirms what Theodor Griesinger had to say, so to speak. Joggler66 also has read many chapters of the classic “Behind The Dictators” by L. H. Lehmann, which not only deals with the influence of the jesuits regarding political decisions of the world elite of our system in general, but also specifically with their influence when it comes to World War 2. I don`t want to withhold this vital portion of his work from you, so here it is! Please waste no time and subscribe to his one of a kind channel! Thank you very much!

Please also subscribe to his second channel, “jogglerswarondisinfo”!

The original video. Please make sure to check the description bar there and check the links to watch his series about “Rulers Of Evil” (F. Tupper Saussy), “The Two Babylons” (Alexander Hislop), “Codeword Barbelon – Danger In The Vatican” (P. D. Stuart) , “The Secret Society Of The Jesuits” (Edmond Paris) and other interesting videos! If you will, this very video might be the most important part for us Europeans and regarding “our” history. Please make sure to study all of this diligently and to do your research on this subject! The end is near! This will be the last time i mirror one of Joggler`s great videos. I don`t make any money here and i`m not about fame & fortune at all. I don`t want to be associated with the works of others too much though. Nevertheless i`m absolutely gradeful to have the opportunity to mirror this truly important video.

Wake & get up!

Thank you very, very, very much!

Hallelujah! Abba father! Maranatha!

May all of you be blessed in the holy name of Jesus Christ!

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