The Jesuits are the Illuminati

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction
Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus
The Secret History of the Jesuits
Jesuit General and the Jesuit Order
The Jesuit Vatican New World Order
Mystery Babylon
The Unhived Mind
Spiritually Smart

The Jesuits are the New World Order.
They influence the world, because it is them the Illuminati.
The Jesuits are intelligent, educated, manipulative and cunning.
They are everywhere.
The Jesuits have infiltrated and took control of Freemasonry and Zionism.
They use poverty as a front. It serves them to fool people, already numb, full of drugs and Masonic propaganda.
The Jesuits are preparing for the coming of the Antichrist.
They worship Lucifer.

Thanks to Alan Lamont

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  1. i beilieve there are not they go hand in hand with world powers and some consider it a conspiracy theory but most likey i beleve its true …….go READ the book NONE DARE CALL IT A CONSPIRACY
    it mentions world powers and both of em and president round table stuff and how goverent is really ran JESSSICA

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