The Jesuits Conspiracy

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  1. The Jesuits are indeed Crypto Jews, they were founded by Ignatius of Loyola and 4 other Marranos(Spanish Crypto Jews) also most of the Black Popes have been Jewish take the last three for example Adolfo Nicholas is a Spanish Jew, Peter Hans Kolvenbach is a Dutch Jew and Pedro Arrupe was a Spanish Jew.

  2. If the Jesuits were the most powerful, then : (5) there would be no law against denying the holocaust, as there is in Canada, Australia, and many European countries. INSTEAD, there would be a law against criticizing the Catholic Church, the popes, and saints

  3. If the Jesuits were the most powerful, then : (6) there would NOT have been a war with Iraq. In 2002 and 2003, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Shimon Peres aggressively campaigned for a war against Saddam Hussein. On Sept 11, 2001, Ehud Barak stated that the 911 event signaled a need for a aggressive camopaign of war against the Muslim world. There has been a lot of talk that the Jesuits use Israel as a puppet,. but what on Earth for ?

  4. If the Jesuits were the most powerful, then : (3) abortion would be abolished across the board, and it would not be just something that is talked about by only one political party, the Republicans. And if any member of Congress dared to question a pro-life, pro-school voucher position, he would lose the next election. This is exactly what happens when any member of Congress criticizes Israel. (4) there would be no discussion in the news media of pedophile priests.

  5. If the Jesuits were the most powerful in the world, then : (1) many men would be clamoring to be a Jesuit priest. As it stands, there is a very extreme shortage of priests, and many parishes are closing because of it (2) there would be school vouchers across the board. As it stands, many Catholic schools are closing, because Catholic parents would otherwise would LOVE to send their kids to a Catholic school cannot afford to pay the tuition AND the very high property / school tax.

  6. Having lobbied congressmen as well as city councilmen myself, I can tell you, that this "black pope" guy is less powerful than a congressman, or a city councilman. I would say he has about the same political power as an ASSISTANT to a city councilman or congressman, at most, in order for people to just walk up to him, and RUDELY confront him like that, and without bodyguards, or assistants requiring that an appointment be made, AND a good reason.

  7. Well ! This guy anonymoustruther2 below is a total shill. He does the same thing with the moon hoax and 911. He puts up ridiculous arguments to discredit the fact that 911 was an inside job, and the moon landing is a hoax ( and thus indicates that EVERYTHING reported on the news media and in history books might be lie ).

    I think it is actually a good sign for us truthers, because it shows that the Jews are not as intelligent as we sometimes give them credit for.

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