THE JESUITS. The idea of a gap between the 69th and 70th weeks of Daniel originated with the Counter Reformation. Two Jesuit priests, Ribera and Bellermine were instrumental in promoting the gap idea to Protestants.For my in depth on-camera studies on this topic subscribe to



  1. You get some things right about the Papacy, but this is flat out false. It’s a conspiracy theory that doesn’t even make sense. And William C Watson proved that early Protestants were writing about futurism centuries before Lacunza published his book.

  2. I have been called a preterist and apostate because I believe along with MANY Christians that Daniel 9:24-27 is a beautiful Messianic prophecy of what Christ would and DID accomplish at his first advent.

    Here is a partial list of those that held also to this:
    William Tyndale John Wycliff John Knox John Huss Charles Spurgeon John and Charles Wesley
    Jonathan Edwards Matthew Henry Adam Clark Reginald Showers Calvin and Luther Geneva Bible

    Pastor Robert Reed
    Pastor Sam Morris
    Walter Veith
    Rescuing the Church
    Pastor David Carson


    When i studied to see where the root of the antichrist and 7 yr tribulation doctrine came from and who taught it. I was lead down a Roman Catholic rabbit hole. Those that hold to this teaching are the likes of Hippo, Scofield, Clarence Larkin, Darby…etc. It goes way back but just in the last 100 years has become popular. A ton of false doctrine and teachings have happened in the last 100 years.

    One group is terribly wrong. It is either Christ or antichrist.
    One group is giving glory to antichrist for the work that Christ did or one group is attributing glory to Christ for the work that antichrist will do one day.
    One group is TERRIBLY WRONG! Frighteningly wrong.

    Why are the weeks all consecutive until the 70th week? Why is there a flying leap gap of over 2,000 years?

    No private interpretation: the antichrist doctrine of Daniel 9 has to be taught to you. Just plain reading of scripture does not throw one 2,000 years into the future. Jesus Christ defeated sin and therefore has no more dominion over us – the veil has bent rent that is why the obation and sacrifices have ceased!! ONLY ONE COULD DO THAT – THE LAMB OF GOD – THE PERFECT SACRIFICE!!

    Pastor Robert Reed on Jacob's Trouble

  3. Hi Reg 🙂 Have you heard of Robert Caringola? I found a lengthy playlist he produced where he explains about Jesuit Futurism vs. Historicism. He says the foundation of the false teaching is the 70th Week of Daniel issue. Anyway, I'm still listening to it and wondered if you were familiar with his teaching & whether you think it is sound. So far, I think so.

    It's a playlist called 16 Hour Prophecy Seminar on the Truth in History channel, in case you're interested.

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