10 Replies to “The Jesuits Hate, Murder, And Try To Annihilate Christians From Earth”

  1. On a spinning sphere, stars would move at different speeds when observed from different longitudes. This is not what we observe. "ISIS": the guys with a fleet of Toyota trucks bought in Texas who use the internet daily, with "unknown" financiers that………"can't be found" by all the world's "intelligence" agencies. Gov'ts need boogeymen for a reason to exist. If they don't exist they will be made up.

  2. I agree, LOTJO. It's not about religion. Indeed it is about tyranny, control such that We are maintained as Their slaves. It's quite psychopathic. And if the reader does not know, I offer a solution to psychopaths in control on Our planet. Please watch the playlist on My channel for the blueprint.

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