The Jesuits – Hidden Evil

The Jesuit Order is perhaps the most sinister and evil Secret Order in the entire World. Jesuits are called the military arm of the Vatican led by the what many say is the most powerful man in the world, the Black Pope. Since their founding they have been kicked out of more than 80 countries. Accusations such as Satanic Ritual, Murder, Assassinations, Sedition and every manner of evil have followed them for centuries.


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  1. The Jesuit conspiracy theories are disinformation disseminated by the Protestant-Masonic Alliance. It also goes hand in hand with Protestantism whose theology was formulated to try to justify breaking the moral law. The Protestant Reformation was a mass looting operation of Catholic Church property, so the Jesuit was a bogeyman created along with with the Protestant police state to protect the interests of the class of criminals that arose out of that looting.

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