The Jesuits & Their Oath

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  1. I had no clue what Jesuits were. I had been wanting to watch this, and O. M. G. !! This is probably the craziest thing I have learned. This place is pure effing EVIL! Thank You soooo much for opening my eyes to this GREAT DECEPTION 💯☀️

  2. that red cross they use is the same symbol that the annunaki used as their symbol. its also a representation of what a photon, a single photon looks like when isolated, looking at it from the front. the annunaki were the reptilian gods of summer and Babylon and probably the jews as well. always hiding behind curtains in the holy of holy's. they have been manipulating the human race for millennia behind the scenes. that should clarify their real position in the world and who they work for.

  3. Jeff do you see any connection between the Jesuits and the 'apostolic' movement in US? I know they have different names (seems this is the movement Ted Cruz's father is heavily involved in) but they are a group that is seeping into fundamentalist/evangelical churches and taking over. My parents' 30+ year ministry in a small Missionary Baptist church came to an abrupt halt shortly after a natural gas reserve was discovered on the church property. I will do some research into this but just wondered if you have some inside knowledge on this.

  4. These take to the grave rules they have "the Jesuits", brings to mind schools shooting and how hard some are tempting against our second amendment… makes one wonder bout the whomt"d the recruiting ? ( Holy Cow! The Muslims are also unknown to themselves followers of these rules… Oh! Isis .

  5. even as a kid i knew there was something wrong with catholic school. most of my questions were answered with..'we must have faith'…i only went to confession once, the 1st time. it was so humiliating, when the nuns made me go in that creepy booth, i lied…i loved jesus and god no question about that, but most of my adult views are along your lines, minus bracelets and rods.

  6. Wow Jeff I always thought they were evil but their oath sure sounds like not much love for anyone other than their own….. ( as do a lot of religions)…… and ask their indoctrinated members to be violent. Very strange stuff
    Thanks for the information !

  7. saw a movie, black robe. Years ago. About the Jesuits I believe and their invasion of the new world. And they did no favors for the native Americans I am sure. Some may find interesting if they do not know, that the founders of the USA tried to keep the Catholics out. They cried foul, the catholics did. Late to the party, but made up for lost time. I know them. I was born a Catholic, but left as a child. and than went to Protestant. And than to born again. Always searching. The whole spectrum. Did I find answers and peace? No. The old gods I learned more from. I told many that the churches were lies. But I am the devil or his son they say. Yes marzulli did fool me for a time with his Watchers series. But oh well, live and learn. I did believe all of that in the past. All of it. I believed Marzulli. Thank you Jeff.

  8. It’s organised crime. Hang them all. I live in a small town full of these idiots. It’s actually really unfair no matter how hard some people try and how smart they are their rightful positions at work and in society don’t matter as these higher positions are taken by these idiots they go back bloody generations here. I even see it at my sons school basically retards that can’t write or read properly at 11 years old given excellent reports and every leadership opportunity or privilege thrown at them. It’s thick with Jesuit and mason stink where I am all the old pioneer family names are everywhere and these were known masons and Jesuits. I love getting into these pricks spheres of awareness like working for them I cause hundreds of thousands of dollars damage to equipment and product by sabotage. I’ve deliberately fucked millions of litres of wine on purpose over the years. Unloading ships fuck I’ve dropped many a container of Jesuit companies shit. Eye for an eye with these fucks.

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