Chapter 12 of “All Roads Lead to Rome” by Michael De Semlyen.
Pope John Paul II was a devoted Mariologist, offering incense to ‘Our Lady of Fatima’ as shown on the cover of this book.
At the same time many “evangelical Christians” (to me those are not Christians at all) are being told by their leaders that catholicism is merely a denomination of the church of Jesus Christ and they need to come together with these other christians in true unity. Biblical truths for which past believers have laid down their lives in martyrdom are being compromised or completely eroded in the name of unity. Where is it all heading and why?
This book seeks to explain some of the backround to this push for unity above all else and urges the reader to contend for the faith and hold fast to a true biblical and Christ-centred gospel of salvation by faith alone. Just as Tyndale’s prayer was “Lord, open the king of England’s eyes”, so the need today is for the Church to have its eyes open and to watch and pray.
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  1. It is so true. The infiltration I mean. Here is an excellent example which I came across the other day. It was a little shocking when I actually saw it. Norman Geisler is a famous theologian/ apologist in some evangelical circles, and has written several standard conservative textbooks. But check out where he got his training from. Then when you start to closely read his stuff from that perspective, it becomes clear that his (long) ministry in academics is ecumenically orientated.That at least is my take.

  2. Forgive me, but I'd like to ask you a question.
    Why do you use the nickname joggler66, is there any relation to the number 666, is this intentional?
    You could explain the reason for the choice, if possible?
    This is not offensive, I follow your channel.
    Thank you.

  3. "All Roads Lead to Rome" ….so much truth in these phrase, let me tell you why…..the trilateral commission, bilderberg group, c.i.a, club of rome, Council on Foreign Relations and the most important the financial axis of evil Rothschild, Rockefeller and the Vatican has something in common, all of them are covert front for the Jesuits and his boss The pope. how they can get away with all the deception?….ohh very simple they are the best schemers in the planet, they have invented the best fables in human history… the illuminati idiocy …the 13th bloodlines, and the best one: the ANTICHRIST, a political figure with jewish background who is going to appear out nothing in the future….oh yeah!!! wake up people THE PAPACY is the man of sin and the jesuits have infiltrated already all the churches with the futurism and preterism view of revelation and the free will doctrine. thank you Jorg and Tom freiss, for my Lord has used you to open my eyes to the truth. and to my brothers and sisters be aware of the new bible version translations (niv, NASB, NRSV, Living Bible, The Promise, The Message, Amplified Bible, etc.) only KJV 1611

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