The Jesuits,Priesthood of Absolute Evil Exposed!

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  1. I appreciate the variety. This is very interesting and compelling. How would people in this chat rank the hierarchy of control on a U.S. and planetary level? Maybe something like….Doctors, Lawyers, Pharma/ Agra, MSM/Hollywood, Politicians, fake jews, Masons, Illuminati, Jesuits, Satan ?

  2. Thankyou blessed Nicholson 😁💕
    I love your site,I am very disappointed that so much of your wonderful work No longer plays or works 😥
    Way too much I wanted to share..
    I have noticed,that yours is not the only site,we can't access already on a lot subjects from yesterday!
    Yeshua God bless you my friend,I share as much as Possible 😘💕😁 Thankyou for your hard work & love to humanity,to try to help us💖💕💒

  3. I shared this with my parents over a year ago. It did not wake them up. It's unbelievable to me, but very clear that those that have eyes to see and ears to hear are going to be the only ones who get it. I loved this when I first saw it and I still love seeing it again. Thanks

  4. brilliant .thanks nicholson ..this confirms everything the lord has shown me to be true .
    trump is controlled by the vatican jesuit order , so we can expect war very soon .they need to be stopped ..they know god is real that is why they want to make us all immoral and turn from god so we are punished , they are true evil .

  5. Hey Nicholson, have you heard of William Morgan, who was kidnapped and killed(likely) for publishing a book on their secrets. He was jailed on trumped charges and once released was kidnapped. The anti-mason party was started as a result.

  6. I'm really pleased to see you put this out. This was much needed work and I can't tell you how happy I was to see your actions the last couple of days.
    5.0 rating on all around class. 5.0 is the highest.

  7. Nicholson1968, thank you so much for posting this video. It is one of the best Ive ever seen exposing the Jesuits.This is something I will definitely show others trying to figure out who the kings of the earth are and the shadow governments they control are really seeking to do. So we can know our enemy as commanded. God Bless you and all who fight against this spiritual wickedness in high places. Much love!!

  8. Beautiful and very well put together. I've watched this whole documentary before and it made me wonder how this has continued. It just shows that evil comes in many forms and does not cull any way of deception.

  9. the scum behind everything since loyola. Out of 1. however many catholics there are, I wonder how many have ever read the Jesuit oathe…or even what one is..It's utterly shocking. Even more shocking to think it's the exact same plan being played out right now though out the entire world.

  10. Fear Nothing, you have reign over the Devil. They only want you to believe they have power over you. Money and Fear are what control you. The One is your get out of Hell free Ticket. We are all Sovereign, equal in our pursuit of experience. You are in Hell because you think you deserve it. The Mantids, Reptilians, and Grey's answer to the OverSoul, but the OverSoul is just trying to manage the collective. The Host is where we live, Thought Forms just trying to find our way to a positive synapse. Each of us exist in many lifetimes, copies from a single emanation. The Alien Deception is no deception, we are all children of the First Thought. Jesus is our Father and Brother, our Genetic Lineage. The Bible is a History, not a religion. Why do you all fear a Oneness? a collective? We need to evolve our understanding of possession, spirits and demons. If there are Fallen Angels, then there are Angels who have not Fallen. They choose to allow us to play out our own evolution. If the One made us in perfection, it is that perfection that will lead us back to our root, our Creator.

  11. Thanks for this, it's very important information. Hope you don't mind if I post a couple of links for anyone who wants to learn more about the Jesuits.

    Walter Veith has done a lot of great lectures, and this is the third part from his Total Onslaught series, The Secret Behind Secret Societies: If you have the time, the whole series is worth watching.

    Joggler66 has put a lot of time into making a thorough case against the Jesuits, and this particular video should be interesting to any of you out there who still think we are coming under attack from the Jew World Order, it's called The Jesuits and the Protocols of Zion: This guy does not have anywhere near the amount of subscribers he deserves, so please consider supporting his channel.

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