Blaming the Jews is a popular “truther” theory with no evidence. The ones who enslaved Humanity are the same ones behind the Heliocentric deception. Their steps can be traced back from the Roman Empire to the Vatican, Jesuits and Black Nobility. They want us focused on endless theories, symptoms and escape-goats leading us nowhere. We cannot fight the enemy if we don’t know who they are.
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  1. At this point all the in fighting about jew/jesuits/free masons/illuminati/satanists…esc is stupid because they all have obviously joined forces. The good ones and the bad ones together are trying to cause world war 3 and sacrifice 90% of the population to speed up the coming of anti-christ/christ/massiah. They want the end of the world and will do anything to speed it up. Then the savior will unite the world under one world everything (in a bad way).

  2. Yeah right, "it's real popular to blame the Jews"?? Perhaps 1 in 500 have the guts to blame em',. If he can afford to either get banned, or warned etc. From whatever social media site. This guy is doing one oh those silly "herring" thingies.. hopefully tuning as many people to the, ohhh. Nooo "Illuminati" never mentioning all the "Berg's, Steins and Crypto's" . It's the ((Jesuits))?? Follow the money,, there all the same

  3. If Loyola was from the tribe of Judah he certainly hated his own Jewish brethren because the Inquisition was extremely violent against the Spanish Jews. There is such a thing as betrayer and hater of their own race or ethnic group certainly Loyola was. Farewell to España by Sachar is a great book that exposes the Inquisition against the Jews that would not convert to Roman Catholicism. Aside from Wikipedia there are many books that give an abundant information of the Inquisition. Secrecy and Deceit is another one, and Philip Moore a Hal Lindsey researcher committed 8 years of his life researching The Inquisition and much more. He is the author of The Messiah Conspiracy.

  4. I don't get it!

    What if the Earth is flat, oval, round, cubic, or whatever else?

    What difference does that make, to our faith in Christ & our salvation?

    Isn't the name 'Iberia', derived from the word hebrew?

    On the other hand, I heard that the Basque, the Berber & the Celts are from the lost world- called Atlantis. The basques, call themselves- atlantean. And that's why they're, genetically & phoenetically, so unique.

  5. Your warm to the path of many hidden truths not easily unearthed within Euskara. Refocus your gaze through three valleys nearest the falling place of Roland and challenge yourself to reveal historical truth a multitude of odds has attempted to bury. A mirrored quest your subject walked reveal a shared talent common both rider of shared steed and broom must be understood before what is hidden reveal a puzzle carved in stone older than the timeline your privy. The power still threatening Saturnalia passed through the blood of those who speak the language and its oral tradition it within a century ago again try to destroy.

  6. Brother the Loyola in his name is just an area up here in Navarre he was referenced to as mystic accuracy assessed at the time pulled weight both north and south of here. His system being mystical in nature as a form of reforming thought and focus this naming crucial to spreading intent amongst a mostly illiterate population. Toledo was ripe with converso at the time period you reference.

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