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  1. Tila tequila mentions she’s on earth 2. She sounds bizarre but I honestly think she is telling the truth. She said the real Tila was always on earth 2 and the Hollywood clone version of her was on earth 1 which is here. The new dimension can be either in the future or past because there is no time there is just now. Everything is happening now the past present and future

  2. Katrina n da houz. I have listened to other experts and not 1 of them made any sense on the Mandela Effect. You were clear. Now, I understand much better. As for food being bland, I did not understand the reason why. Now I do. This future circumstance could also be why babies……..I mean infants are so wise. Babies/infants are nothing like the babies/infants of 20 years ago. Little 3-year-old girls who still wear pull-ups are twerking and their mommas laughing thinking that it is cute. Our youth posses a DOMINATING spirit to let you know that "I AM IN CHARGE" and most of them love to kill with no CONSCIOUS. You're no longer allowed to correct wrong anymore. Although they are not my favorite from a religious perspective, the AMISH, got it going on as a community. Especially the way that they cultivate, produce and farm. Especially with their business skills how they sell what they cultivate and produce. I wonder what happened to them in 2012. They seem to remain old-fashioned and traditional. Nevertheless, something is not right in this world and it's getting worse. It snowed a few days ago………….flowers blossomed all over this city with young birdies tweeting everywhere. In the same week there was 1 Indian Summer day and pollen wore everyone all over this city out. My advice to all is to stay strong and know that this battle cannot defeat you.

  3. I think you may be right. But I think they created an artificial timeline by pulling bits and pieces of reality from other parallel timelines. It's kind of like how a new file is created by sharing torrents. In this case, instead of all the files being identical, they have slight differences. These differences are registered in the new timeline, so certain things don't match up.

  4. there is a lot to take in however i am on board with.multiple universes mixing. i saw. a video by deplorable McAllister and she has some emails that q. put out of john podesta@ his nasty vile crew. you guys have to go see it now. i am not going to spoiler alert but i will say it is proof these people cannot have any decency in them and never did. they are so evil and they know exactly what they are doing. thanks for all the great videos. i am going to watch the movie by Steven 👑

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