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  1. The loss, suffering, grief, trauma, financial abuse, time.. The wild animals killed. My heart is heavy. Pure evil is deliberate & most keep believing lies. Soon the value of .CA real estate will plunge, while the cost of water & electricity will triple. I'm telling my family to sell & get out now. They will be returning for the homes they missed. RIP California… I loved living there as a child & raising mine. God Bless America… We are at War!

  2. The planet has been heating up since we began using microwaves….and now cell towers/wifi. Not to mention the fact that nasa burned holes into the atmosphere burning MASSIVE amounts of fuel going to the space station and or moon. Then they trotted out al gore to say it was YOUR fault….YOUR carbon footprint. Yeah. Sure.

  3. So now we know. Another diabolic, secretly developed weapon used against a trusting, innocent humanity with no apparent compunction. What kind of people are these? Most of us have no frame of reference for this degree of evil. We, therefore, fail to acknowledge and fight against it. Yet, our numbers far exceed theirs.

  4. Whos the idiot who says it geo-engineering? Why would capitalists waste money to destroy there money makers. This is Gods Wrath. God sent water and cleased the earth, second time its with fire. Read your 1611 kjv, its all been written.

  5. Yeah u ppl out in Cali and Greece don't say they're aiming energy weapons at you . Bcs that's a conspiracy theory just like all the pedophiles that run things. All the idols are going to fall. If God has to burn you out to get your attention, He will. You better believe it. Deb

  6. Nice to see democrats making people move cities. Brings tears of joy to me when I see everyobe "coincidentally" get a fire nearby their oddly conservative homes. Soros will be proud. No but really like do they think america is THIS dumb. Like who thibks thus is sone normal shit. Its politically moticated to get them nore blue state wins in 2020.

  7. I don't know what's causing those pillars of fire but one thing I can tell you it was pretty awesome to see! it reminded me of when Moses led the people out of Egypt into the desert and they were led by a pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire at night

  8. That news reporter at the end, introducing new clouds, is a NWO cabal member. Flashing the 666, but also a male to female deceptive tranny with massive shoulders wider than those hips and a male skull. The minions are all through the media

  9. I live 2 hrs drive from the carr fires, probably 60 miles as a crow flies in eureka ca, which is directly on the pacific coast (humboldt bay). The jet stream regularly blows directly over us and towards redding, ca. I have noticed that we HAVE NOT been geeting sprayed with chem trails this year after being constantly and heavily sprayed for the past few years. I'm wondering if maybe they stopped the spraying because of satisfactory ground saturation of accelerant in the mountains just east of here. In other words….mission accomplished. If your area is usually chemtrailed but the activity has stopped recently, be careful your area could be next

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