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The Masonic Labour Zionists are controlled by The Vatican Knighthoods and
Jesuits. What many people don’t know is that for example The United Nations
was founded by The Equestrian Knights and Knights of Malta.

1. The Equestrian order of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem 2. The
Constantinian Order 3. The Knights of Malta (Souvereign Military Order of
Malta) 4. The Knights of St Gregory (R.Murdoch / D.Rumsfeld) 5. The Order
of The Garter 6. The Knights of The British Empire 7. The Knights of
Columbus 8. The Teutonic Knights there are many more but these are the most
powerful from top to bottom completely controlled by The Jesuit Top, that
did the 4th Vow oath

(that’s 2% of the jesuits all other 3th vow jesuits don’t have a clue about
what is happening on the 4th vow level) Most of These Orders have been
founded by The Knights Templars and The Papacy during the Crusades.

The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

video from brother Alan Lamont ( Prophetic Revelation )


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