The Pope Francis and the Jesuit Order End of Days NWO Conspiracy Discussion

By MrCati:
his conspiratorial video report is a continuation of the current ritual code discussion involving Pope Francis, the Jesuit Order, Global Zionism, CERN, Earth Grid Ley Lines, Jade Helm 15, and a plethora of selected NWO conspiracies, that have been designed for presentation in such a way as to allow you to view events over a period of months and time. It is material that when seen together, paints a most interesting and serious future picture of our future, as it leads us to the future coming visit by Pope Francis later in September of this year, when these NWO events are currently designed to occur and begin a new chapter in the NWO quest for a one world govt.

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Please note the Numbers in the Jesuit Info.

The Jesuits were founded initially as The Company of Jesus on
“Assumption Day” August 15, 1534, also being the traditional feast day for Lucifer since 70CE, in a secret ceremony in the crypt of the Chapel of St. Denis by Ignatius of Loyola (born Íñigo López de Loyola) and Francisco Xavier, Alfonso Salmeron, Diego Laínez, and Nicolás Bobadilla all from Spain, Peter Faber from Savoy in France, and Simão Rodrigues from Portugal.

At the age of 34, Ignatius begins an 11-year period of study at the universities of Barcelona, Alcalá, Salamanca and Paris. At each university he acquires a group of friends and disciples.

The group in Paris, where he stays longest (for seven years from 1528), enact a ceremony together in Montmartre in 1534, binding themselves with vows of poverty and chastity.

Three years later, in 1537, they travel together to Rome to offer their services directly to the pope, Paul III.

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Society of Jesus: 1540-1541
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  1. 4  Virgin Mary: I ask of all God’s children to, once again dedicate the month of August to save souls.
     – Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 @ 16:45
    My child there is much change, much of which has been disclosed to you in the past, about to be witnessed in the world.
    There will be much destruction, much unrest and chastisements, all of which will come about because of the sin of humanity.

    I ask of all God’s children to, once again, dedicate the month of August to save souls. This is what you must do. Go to Mass every day and receive the Holy Eucharist. Then every day at 3 o’clock say the Divine Mercy chaplet.For those of you who can you should fast for one day a week.
    My children will be shocked as these changes will come about but must never fear the Hand of my Father if you are loyal to the teachings of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.
    Please keep the Seal of the Living God close to you in your homes in the coming months for much will unfold.

    The Body of my Son, Jesus Christ, present in His Church on earth is being violated and will suffer terribly.
    Many plans to topple my Son’s Church are already underway and very soon it will collapse.
    Other events foretold will now be seen through ecological disasters as the Hand of my Father will fall in punishment on those nations whose sinful laws will no longer be tolerated.
    Pray, pray, pray for souls at this time who may suffer during these events.

    Use this month to pray for all souls who may perish in wars, earthquakes or in the forthcoming Confession, The Warning.
    My heart is entwined with you children and, together, we must work hard to save souls. By praying for the salvation of souls we are carrying out the Holy Will of my Father. 

    Your beloved Mother
    Mother of Salvation

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    See our internet prayer site:


  2. In Numerology 9 Represents = 'Ending'

    The date 9/27 gives three 9's
    9 + 9 (2+7) = 18 (1+8) = 9
    9    9                               9

    I personally think it will be the 'end' of the cabal and the dark.  The next day is a 1 day which represents 'new beginning'.

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