The Pope Francis Oath – The Jesuit Oath – End Times Oath to Destroy Christianity – Pagan Roots?

Jesuit Oath of Induction as recorded in the Journals of the 62nd Congress, 3rd Session. Yes the Jesuits still take the oath. Our Messiah Yeshua commanded not to take oaths, Matthew 5 and James 5. They come of the evil one.

The great delusion, apostasy and falling away has been happening for thousands of years and is the largest organization on the planet with many factions. These little videos point out the pieces and parts in you life that are part of the sun god delusion and those that are part of the true God. The True God has asked you to prove all things and to keep what is good and true. He has also asked us to have nothing to do with the ways of Babylon and to come out of her. The Great Delusion Falling Away Apostasy Antichrist Mark of the Best Idolatry False god sun god True God Babylon Creation of the Great and Abominable Catholic Orthodox Church Last Days End Time Christian Beliefs Resurrected Yeshua Still has a body not an Incarnation trinity father son holy ghost Easter Lent Christmas Days of the Dead Crusades Inquisitions Jesuits Oath Sabbath day The Left Behind Prophecies – For the Called Out by God:

The Beast and His Mark, Apostasy’s Delusion – BLOCKED in Several Countries –
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Pope Francis Jesuit Peter the Roman Romanos petro The Jesuit Oath – An Oath to Destroy Governments and You! The Pope Francis Oath Vow vows oaths
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