The Pope Is Hiding Something ANCIENT From The Public

The Vatican Is hiding its connection to ancient sun-god worship and the mystery religions of Babylon.

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  1. Good grief I am so embarrassed to say that I was Catholic I am sad for these people who are into this false ritualistic ant Christ idolatry. I am a born and called out of this by the only one true Heavenly Father El

  2. Let him play his role according his understanding as his father the devil does. However, whatever done in darkness, will be revealed to light one day and nothing can be hidden secretly be4 GOD our heavenly FATHER .
    For the pop has offered many innocent children of GOD as bloody sacrifice to the devil and billions initiated worldwide. Heartlessly, their blood is crying over your head, hands and in 25 days of 2018 from to date, his judgment is passed upon him in Jesus's name. Enough is done and no more time is left for him.

  3. This is not a factual history of the Catholic Church. Most of this is this man's interpretation of Constantine's involvement in stopping the persecution of Christians. Yes, Constantine was interested in Christianity so he attracted the pagans to join the church, he also determined what was to be in the Bible. Constantine did not even become a christian until he was dying. Being a ruler of Rome gave him the right to change a church he did not even belong to. ( I am being sarcastic here.) Our Pope is doing much the same by all his statements regarding confessions do not have to be with Jesus that we are to come to him, the Pope, Jesus was a liar, wanting to change the Lord's Prayer, all countries and religions need to be in one church ( his of course), and other blasphemous statements. None of these statements are Biblical.

  4. We will reincarnate. Don't be afraid. There will be another chance to come back to our Father if we already cleanse our sins and repair our mistakes. Even the early church fathers believed in reincarnation. Go learn the old forbidden knowledge that never been taught in the mainstream church. Judaisme believe in reincarnation. Yeshua believe in reincarnation. Seek out the truth. Learn about nazarene judaisme, learn about Yakov HaTzadik/James The Just. Learn about the early church fathers writting about this Nazarenes that had been persecuted for their faith in YESHUA THE MESSIAH. its time to be awake for who we truly are.
    We are gods, just like YESHUA said. We are conquerors, just like Father told to Adam and Eve.
    We are made to be kings and queen by our Father.

  5. Here is what I find funny. People who get upset because you are downplaying there religion. LOOK AT THE TITLE OF THE VIDEO DUH…. that's like me TRYING TO REASON with a KKK member while I'm talking to them with chicken and watermelon in my hand. YOU WANT TO HAVE A BAD DAY

  6. The Roman church or Roman Catholic Church was formed to make a mockery out of Christians and be anti -christ. Everything that Christ ever said they contradict and call themselves Gods or the holy fathers.The Roman Catholic Church was formed to control Christians and is now also the revenge on the world for the fall of Rome.

  7. Have you seen the inside of the Vatican's church? A stylized lizard head.The farce of Kerry and the rest going to antartica.The pope actually gave the go ahead for Europe to commit suicide out of guilt with immigrants.This is the last pope.

  8. these popes are all fake people they take the name of the name of holy god in vain in order to gain popularity they see themselves as god they insult the cross by putting it everywhere wheares doesnt even knows its real meaning. swijatrok wak musuk bura musuk

  9. Which of the Pope’s is the antichrist 🤔🤔nah the antichrist is supposed to deceive the world. The pope ain’t deceiving anybody except for Catholics. Pope is actually not liked and the rest of humanity sees him as a deception. So no he doesn’t qualify.

  10. They have stolen artifacts and important stuffs from our mother island,?
    Not knowing that they can't control or overstand how to use them 😏👿👹💀☠👽👻🙌🏿🙌🏿?
    They're in for a surprise 🤣?

  11. the ppl they r interviewing r all marian cultist. its not the mainstream, and most catholics believe no one can do anything w/o God. all denominations r infiltrated as well by freemasons, and perverts. big name ppl.

  12. "Timothy, my son" 1tim1:18 many times peter paul were considered church fathers. the bible has no errors and then why are their scripture references to father / son spiritual relationships. i do not support pope francis but do you think christianity just appeared from nowhere in 1600s? there is not a single christian denomination that has not been infiltrated by luciferians. i'm catholic, and i thoroughly disrespect him. millions of catholics have the same feelings. study historical christianity and start reading the church fathers.. mystical christianity. the body of christ.

    i call francis an antipope, go watch tradcatknight youtube.. there have been about 12 antipopes in history. but around 100 years ago satanic 'temple of set' satanist and probably some sort of jesuits dedicated st peter "enthronement of satan." and now this enthronement may be happening.

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