This Christmas Remember that the Pope is Pathetic. Here’s why.

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46 Replies to “The Pope: Pray for the Poor While I Live Like a King”

  1. The Pope is a communist pedophile……the Vatican has trillions of dollars of wealth and these costumed clowns live like kings. Seems to me that the early church leaders were attacked and murdered.  They never accumulated wealth.  Sick of this phony church.  Since they harbor illegals now days, it's time to take away their tax exempt status.

  2. The "catholic "church" got FILTHY RICH of the backs of the poor and all the property they stole from the people they imprisoned and killed.
    Then then try to convince people that they are so holy by all the expensive garb(garbage)That they wear.
    The Lord Jesus Christ would call them WHITE WASHED SEPULCHRES, HIPOCRYTES,(and more.)
    Well said Mark.
    Pope =poop, and the Vati- Can is where the, eh hem, poop goes.
    That is one hugh pile of Guano!

  3. I have way to many issues with most religions but the Catholic church and Muslims are the big ones !! I would never now down or pray to Jesus Christ mother !! Mary isn't supposed to be bowed down to, oh and having money machines inside there church no Damn way !! I have read upon these religions and they make me cringe !! Oh and the pope isn't crap !!

  4. "The Catholic Church…" you mean "The Catholic death cult". Their central symbol is a Roman execution device. They've declared Lucifer to be God and Jesus to have "failed on the cross". Satanists dressed up in weird finery hoodwinking the gullible. Catholicism is actually a Mammon-worshipping outfit that trades money for guilt, fear, and arrogance. I should know, I grew up as one and fled from it first chance I could. Scumbags is right. They are the "Synagogue of Satan" as Jesus identified their kind even before Emperor Constantine contrived what became the basis for this death cult at Nicea in 325 AD. Awesome expose, Mark!

  5. As a devout Catholic, nobody is more offended by the evil deeds of Catholic priests than I am. The opening of this video however is using a totally false premise. Mark, you are way too smart to use false logic like this. People who have nice things can't advocate for the poor? That's absurd. Sounds like liberal logic to me. Just like men can't speak out against abortion right? I don't know where your personal issue with the church comes from, but I hope you will reconsider slamming Christ's bride in your videos. I am a huge fan of your videos and books. This anti-catholic slant however, bothers me badly. If you are Christian, I only ask that you pray for God's clear voice on the matter. If you are not, then I will add you to my prayers. I will not defend evil actions. I will however, say that the fact is no other institution in history has fed the hungry, clothed the naked, cared for the window and orphans, or provided more care to the sick like the Catholic church. More good has been done by the Catholic church than any other group on earth combined. That is a fact. Try not to over look the facts like that in the future. Thank you

  6. Thank you for being brave. How funny how the Catholic Church performed their masses in Latin for hundreds of years so the common man couldn’t understand the word of God. All my family are former Catholics, don’t miss the dark rituals at all.

  7. The RCC remains the single largest non government provider of healthcare in the world. All should thank the RCC for preserving, defending and spreading the New Testament for the entire world….You welcome.

  8. Good info Mark but christianity has adopted many of the same replacement theology as the pharisees and the catholic church. If you eat unclean foods, worship sunday, instead of the Sabbath and you practice christmas (literally means death of christ) easter (fertility festival of the goddess eostre or ishtar ) valentines day (high day on satanic calender requiring human sacrifice) halloween (2000 y/o druidic festival to ward of the evil spirits) and not keep the seven Holi festivals of the old testimate then your christian church is just as corrupt as the aforementioned. Also his name is not jesus that is a Latin translation his name is Yahshua in Hebrew and that isn't even correct because they spoke Aramaic when he was with us.

  9. The pope is a false prophet and a heretic who thinks he can take the place of The Father and The Son within The Lord's church. … " I bless you" .. hahahaha really. Fox's book of Martyrs records many real Christians who were killed by popes of the past who would not confirm the pope's office as the head of the church instead of Jesus who is the ONLY head of the true church.. No wander they are rancid with massive pedophilia. This institution that windows dresses itself as Christian to the world for hundreds of years is NOT real Christianity. Dont be fooled. Thanks again Mark….

  10. Mark. I'm surprised at your ignorance and outright hatred of the church. I'm sure Trump is worth more than the pope and yet you worship him. Dial back your Catholic bigotry and you won't alienate 2 billion people.

  11. wow!!….i didn't know you're hate side towards Catholics. I've been watching you since Trump era and I like you. Now I'm thinking you didn't have at this time 2012 nothing to nail on and make your money from. Today 2018 you have reached more than 1 million subscribers …it's awesome!!. Changed your topic and now you are anti-democrat and support trump (like me) but no anymore anticatholic?…..;) Btw I'm catholic (traditionalist).

  12. ANY religion that uses sacrifice, blood or any doctrine that preaches blood & or sacrifice is just another pagan ritual invoking the archons Negative energies that have plagued the universe since ancient times. AVOID these religions no matter how good they promise they are or how right they are. They are not !

  13. I grew up with John Paul II and didn't have a problem with Benedict XVI. Pope Francis does make some good speeches on being holy but he does say some dumb things like the US should not build wall. When there has been a wall surrounding the Vatican for hundreds of years. However, I am still going to be Catholic Mike but maybe not as involved with the organization.

  14. I am new to this video Mark, I would like to thank you for enlightening people about the false churches. The "mother of all harlots" IS ANY church that teaches doctrine that is false, or enacts the adversary's goals of chaos. I think that we can agree that the Vatican is the most powerful followed by Hindu and Islam. Remember after Christ was crucified, the Romans hunted down all the remaining disciples of Christ, who had been given AUTHORITY, by the laying on of hands, started by Christ first, to act in His name. The chain was essentially broken, concerning authority and priesthood. Then the Romans stepped in, realizing that the scriptures, Godly obedience, and authority could be perverted to serve their unrighteous goals (much like the storyline of the movie 'The Book of Eli').
    It is no coincidence that the following centuries are referred to as the 'dark ages'. With the Roman Catholic Church committing atrocities through the Inquisition, which was essentially a purging through murder of ANY remaining opposing views/beliefs, and also hiding any other truth by the burning and confiscation of all books.
    It is also no coincidence that many of our superstitions of the world were born out of that forced ignorance upon the masses. The royalty of those days hid behind superstition to mask their evil acts upon the common people, explaining away disappearances to the "boogeymen" of their imagined folklore. For instance, there was a group of riders commissioned by the kings of those European lands of the day, called 'The Buxen' (may be spelled Buxon… My memory eludes me at this moment). They would ride at night, wearing death-head masks, into the villages and steal away certain children from their families to later be sacrificed through ritual murder to Satan at the palaces.
    In summary, since the chain of the true priesthood, doctrine, and ancient administrations of the real Church of Christ were essentially wiped away by the Romans, it stands to reason and common sense that there MUST needs be a reconciliation, which in my opinion could only be instituted by a supernatural event, because no living man would have the true priesthood of Christ with him since the chain had been broken many centuries ago (which would also have to preclude the return of Christ for the purpose of 'preparing the way' of our Savior so that the gospel could be preached correctly to the 'four quarters of the earth'). Otherwise, confusion would be sown, and God's house is a 'House of Order'. Contemplate this with careful, prayerful humbleness, and most importantly… Obedience to the commandments, and further, the (true) gospel of Christ in the New Testament of the original King James Version of the Bible.

  15. Mark how can you criticise the Catholic Church, the present Pope is an important figure coz he wears a big hat and drinks lots of wine. Did you know the Vatican City houses the largest
    gay bathhouse in the World I blame Donald Trump for this, of course, did you know the pope is copying China in that he only wants Catholic Mums and Dads to only have one child thereby decreasing the population in real terms while the Muslim faith have on average 6-8 children thereby ruling the world, of course, I blame Donald Trump for this who will be playing golf now that the Gov is closed for a short while, Arh that's why Trump is to blame he wanted to play with his balls

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