The Qur’an’s Arian theology: the believers, the polytheists and the “coverers”!

Muhammad and the Qur’an’s position on the Arian controversy was that of the Anomoios believers, ie those who believed the Son was unlike the Father and therefore not divine. The moderate Arians or Semi-Arians who held the Homoiousios (similar) or Homoios (like) he called polytheists, following Athanasius’ conclusion. Indeed, he considered them to be the ones to be extreme, as they were acting like they were monotheists, but were polytheists, and so therefore “hypocrites” – that Greek word favoured by Jesus. Orthodox or Trintarian believers he doesn’t call “disbelievers” but “kafirs” which means “those who cover”. He thought they were suppressing and hiding the truth, and it was why he spends so much of the Quran arguing with them (50%!).

Sneaker’s Corner seeks to comment on and share some of the key moments from Speaker’s Corner. Another goal is to explore in a critical way the origins of Islam, and in this regard, I must credit the work of Dan Gibson, Patricia Crone, Angelika Neuwirth, Jay Smith, Hatun Tash, David Wood, Robert Spencer, Douglas Murray, Tommy Robinson, and many more who from different backgrounds have been asking challenging questions and contributed to my current understanding of Islam.

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