The Real Conspiracy: the Jesuit infiltration of Christianity

The majority of Christians, particularly Protestants, hold to doctrines planted by the Jesuits during the counter-Reformation. This was for the purpose of undermining Protestantism and bringing nations back under papal yoke by altering their view of salvation and of the pope.
Please do not dismiss this video quickly; listen to the things the Lord has shown me and examine them in light of the scriptures and ask God for guidance.

The Jesuit Oath:

The Jesuit influence of Arminius:

Discussion of Jesuit influence since the Reformation:

The Evil Empire of Jesuit Futurism

Origins of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture

Arminianism: the road to rome:

Papacy is the antichrist:

John Wesley Exposed:


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  1. The Freemasons infiltrated the Jesuits, the Jesuits infiltrate the Vatican and the Jews created false Christianity so false that they have American Christians believing that they (Jews) are still God's chosen people even though they reject Jesus Christ. Did Jesus not say he is the way, the truth and the light? Has Christ not revealed himself to all? So, you fight wars for the Jews to take Palestine and when the anti-Christ comes and is enthroned in Jerusalem they will kill Christians because we will refuse to bow down to the King of the Jews. Americans wake the heck up, your nation was founded on masonic principles not Christians principles.

  2. Adhering to the one true Holy Church is very difficult. It is sometimes uncomfortable and it certainly conflicts with modern politically correct psychlogical subversion.
    That is why various people through the centuries have taken it upon themselves to invent their own, more comforting and human compliant versions of the Christian Bible. Their own new versions of right and wrong. This only leads to one place.

  3. One thing that The Lord Jesus said He "hates" is them that have the doctrine of "The Nicolaitans!!", and that is what this "catholic church" is all about, from the very beginning this scheme of the devil has tried to suppress the Word of God and His people.

  4. 31:30 min in.. "we are God's enemy"… that's ludicrous. We are the apple of God's eye – he created us to have an intimate relationship with Him.. We will know God when we obey Him. He wants ALL men to be saved – but we choose whether we obey Him or not. Yes it's so easy to confuse this with "oh we are powerless without God's grace" – but that is a total mis-teaching.

    YES God gives us grace (like He did Paul, with his thorns, His grace was sufficient) BUT Paul had to choose to die to himself every day… And this is a life long relationship.

    YOUR teaching is a heresy my friend, really it is. You are NOT taking a deep dive into the early church Fathers who taught so clearly about our obedience to Christ and that we CAN lose our salvation if we fall away.

  5. I'm afraid this goes well beyond Protestants and Roman Catholics.. We truly need to go far beyond the 1500s in order to see the truth of how to follow Christ and His teachings.

    Pre-destination was absolutely a misteaching that NO true Christian ever taught in context. Eph & Rom were written to remind Xians they cannot work off their salvation (like the Jews tried to do).. It is NOT an instructional book to all men. This is a great error, and one that continues to lead millions away from obedience to Christ's teachings.

    Matthew 7:21-23 – John 8:31-32 1John 5:3

  6. Is 'Christianity' a World religion? He said to them "You are from below, I am from above. You are from this World. I am not of this World." Stop following World religion. Start following 🕊 Yahushua. "Follow me." He said. PLAIN & SIMPLE. —- Stop following Man and his doctrines 🔥😀

  7. If you don't believe in free will, then God is the source of sin and suffering. How does this equate with "God is love"? The whole point is that man has been given time to choose who will be his master. Otherwise there is no such thing as mercy or judgment. They are not needed.

  8. What better way to say in the later times by Those spreading disinfomation and confusing is in that by exposing ones own entity as the source. So all along those of us that have known that an orange is round are now to believe it is square because the Jesuits planted this thought and now it is known. The Lord is not the author of confusion but of Truth.

  9. I am not a catholic or a protestant. No denomination. But I have two Questions. In the Bible it says that salvation is not by Faith alone. Are you saying that the Bible is lying?. It says that it is by Faith and Works. Even though you don't believe this . What is the meaning of the Works James is speaking about?.

  10. you can read the Catholic Bible or listen to Relevant Radio or 88.3 kvbm to learn the answers that you need.The Catholic Church is the one that was created by our Lord Jesus Christ when he chose the 12 disciples and the Holy Spirit came up on them. He gave the key to heaven and Jesus Authority t o St Peter.

  11. To lump the 7th Adventists with Jehovah's witnesses and Mormons is ridiculous. You obviously haven't actually looked at what they believe. I'm sure there are bad SDA churches just like every other denomination but their foundation is sound if you listen to a great teacher like Walter Veith. He teaches everything you just said about the Jesuits and the Catholic church and much more.

  12. I had wondered where futurism had come from. Now I see. In truth, the buying or the selling cannot be undertaken PRESENTLY without the ' mark'. How can this be? Our all capitals name is a legal entity, but it is not our flesh and blood! It was stolen at birth! Our birth certificate was monetised. Look up common law my friend.

  13. The parable of the Wheat and Tares fits very well to describe what the Jesuits are doing in the Protestant churches. For that, I recommend you all to watch the series "A Lamp in the Dark" by Chris Pinto; they are so well documented and produced. A fourth video is scheduled by the end of 2019. Lord bless.

  14. When Alberto Rivera started to publish his magazines through Chick Publications, I read almost all of them and I even had the chance to go to one of his services in LA. I don't remember where was that church but he looked a fragile tiny man rather. Then I came to know that he passed away of "poisoning." Well, I think he was being treated by a dentist and it was after one of those treatments that he never recovered.

  15. Absolute truth…. During my awakening I was lead to learning more of the Jesuits and the holy spirit brought the truth of the word to come against the Jesuit oath. Here is the oath with the scriptures I was lead to that shows they are not of God. Starting with John 16:2
    They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

    Here is a link with the oath and scripture I was shown.

  16. the real conspiracy, a bunch of greedy self agrandizing hypocrite pastors, preaching once saved always saved, so they can have the best of both worlds, like Hannah Montana. take ''once saved always saved'' on a trip thru the Bible with you. If you still maintain it, you are a compromised liar.

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