Once again, we look through history to identify the Whore of Revelation 17. We look at the very beginning of the Roman Catholic religion and beyond. What were their beliefs? How did they supposedly become the center of the “Christiaan Church”? Was it by GOD, or the masterpiece apostate system of Satan?

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  1. Catholicism was a rackett from the start….Luciferian then….Luciferian NOW !! Thats why they Knowingly…changed times…and Laws…to bring in more pagan worshipers…
    so they could exploit them!! They are still exploiting people to this very day !!

  2. Wake up Catholics, we dumped this religion and put our trust in Jesus Christ and His shed sinless blood to take away our sins and save our souls from hell.
    God's Word rules supreme not man made religions.
    Look at its fruits.
    Murder and pedophilia

  3. Dear "all" Roman Catholics, ……….please don't be too concerned about my anger regarding the evil side of Christianity, Catholicism, & Roman Catholicism, and always remember that there is a real good side to it too, in the first place, always, regardless of all always. I teach the truth out here about things, and I've really just been a little pissed off about it, for about 2 thousand and eighteen years so far. There's plenty of good to it, and I never forget the eternal FACT that these 3 churches and the peoples of them, have literally saved my LIFE, more than once! And anyway, like saving my very life "once" isn't good enough and miraculous enough for all eternity man. I do really appreciate it always. By my estimate, you guys have saved my life at least 15 times! Thank you.
    Love always,
    Robbie (alias – Odin)

  4. A Catholic Teenager had no success with women. So the Teenager Prayed, "Oh Mary, Holy Mother of God, send me a nice looking Girl to Date." The next day a Playboy Centerfold Girl, showed up and said, "I'd like to date you, Handsome."

  5. This Video is very interesting. The Video Reveals Much that the average person does not know. Humans seem to have a great Psychological Need To Believe in the Gods and Religion. There has never been a human society found on Earth that did not worship the Gods.

  6. I think the video is right when it says, "Catholics Think More Highly of Mary, than they think of Jesus." Jesus is kind of an After Thought in the Catholic Religion. The Catholic Religion Centers Around the Virgin Mary.

  7. The Sun God became Jesus. The Egyptian Goddess Isis, became the Virgin Mary. The Pagans loved the New Christian Religion for it had everything they wanted, in the way of a God, and Goddess and there were Saints to pray to, plus, the Saints Specialized in their Help to Humans. What more could you ask for, if you were a Pagan.

  8. Christianity was born in Rome, where Gentiles Lived. The Gentiles worshipped religions that has many Gods. When the Christian Church made Saints into Sub Gods that Christians were to pray to, this gave the Pagans their many Gods to pray to. Paganism just kind of Slid into Christianity through the Back Door.

  9. All Christians are not Catholics. Christians do not pray to saints or Mary. Nowhere in the Bible (the written word of God) are we instructed to pray to Mary or the saints. Nowhere are we instructed to elect a pope and most importantly we are not, under any circumstances, to call a human being (the pope) holy father. I don't even know where to start. The rituals, the idol worship…… to say that the Catholic church is pagan, is putting it mildly. The anti-christ is here and he sits on a throne in Rome and calls himself the son of god.

    P.S. why are athiests watching videos like this? We get it, you don't believe! I respect your choice to not believe, why cant you respect my choice..

  10. Ive seen similar documentary about mermaids. They're as true as this one. Check your facts before you believe. Obviously made by a catholic hater and chosen only the worst story and not the full context. The nazi story was the funniest one yet because it had nothing tondo with the catholic church. Check the facts from real sources and not haters. This one is lame.

  11. According to the Bible: 1 Corinthians 6:9 (Catholic Edition)
    "…wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God?
    Do not be deceived! Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, male prostitutes, sodomites…
    none of these will inherit God's kingdom."

  12. Everybody has their own explanations. But nobody argued what really happened in the past, so its really true that Roman Catholic Church killed millions of people in the past?..in the dark ages and in the holocaust? they even promoted hitler?

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