A deep analysis on the subliminal revelations in the movie industry of late.

Science is Science Fiction and has become scientism over the decades, this is a powerful group that has held millions of souls captive to a godless worldview based on man’s self illumination to Godhood. It is grounded on salvation through works.

This is the agenda of “Science”, orders such as the Jesuits and other scientific institutions who have integrated the “scientism” method as opposed to the “scientific method” on how to determine truth and how the world originated. If someone is a religious person, he or she can believe in a potential creator whom is left to interpretation but it has to include the big bang theory; order out of chaos, the notorious fabled chaotic explosion đź’Ą that was birthed out of the void thus
negating an action of Love by speaking the world into existence or if it’s a atheist, he, she or it can believe in the big bang bringing a slow process of self evolving organism that magically brought the world into being.

These ideas or to be more precise; doctrines of devils have been promulgated in the movies for more than a century and with the help of technology; now the images appear to be more closer to what the human fallen ego determines to be reality.

Demonolgy and the occult are ressurging very frequently in the form of science fiction nowadays.

They are preparing a generation to embrace the coming “Strange God” whom their fathers knew not.


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  1. Hello Gen6project ! When you talked about Tintin going on the moon, that showed me how much of the films of my childhood are filled with heliocentric propaganda given the fact that Hergé published "destination moon" on the 30th of march 1950 and on the 7th september 1950. It was followed by "explorers on the moon" in 1954, now that is predictive programming, as you know the launch date of Apollo 11 was on July 16 1969 and "claimed" thay landed on the 24th of July 1969. Very well done !!! this shows us where nasa gets it's inspiration from.

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