The Reptilian Race – The History and Manner

It starts of slow but as it plays out? More history and topic than you can put on any brain food sandwich. After watching this one you will realize just how much more there really is ‘than meets the human eye.’ Many have requested that I condense the information that I manage to dig up, and I think I managed to do ‘just that’ in this ‘under one hour video.’ If you don’t walk away with an over load of knowledge, as this video ‘is made for content,’ then nothing will do it for the wool over your eyes being lifted. How would the masses know if they are exceptional, each and every one? Is there an infestation going on inside, and around the planet earth by a hidden race of beings known by few as the Reptilians? OR are they demonic energies?
Is it a hidden organization called the Illuminati that is behind all that is going on? Just what is going on? The draining of your energy, that which is you? You be the judge. What do you think? Leave a comment below.
I hope you enjoy.
Yes, I repeated a few things a few times. Can you guess why? Or need you an answer?
Cheers, and best to you, yours and all around them.
Realize your inner energy, your inner self inside the shell you use temporarily.
Some might say, those who dwell in conspiracy theories and theories, period, that:
“The entire cosmos views what you see, too, through those eyes that peer out of, inside of, that which is the shell that you call you, what you resonate, and comprehend to be true. Resonate well. Quantum push, with thought, the images of the future you, to you.
It’s almost midnight.
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  1. Hey Dan:
    Did Obama really have that fit? what a pouty kid heh?. looking at the basketball scene..makes me really wonder, what reptilians look like.. "if they would only let go" and show themselves. I remembered the name of that CNN foreign correspondent who face was shifting so fast, i could actually see a faint circle around her face, that had like a sweep second hand going around in circles refreshing her face every 10-15 seconds,. her name was Christina Amanpour,ya know i have not seen her on any newscast since that event.
    You must be aware that there is certain blood types having exotic names such as RH negative that are rumored to have Alien DNA. Turns out that RH blood types and those being similar and lesser degrees of occurrence in the human population are located in a part of France, the Northwest part of France to be almost specific, having the highest occurrence of people(?) with the RH blood type? They call those people the "Basques". In a similar study, that i tend to agree with, is that the reason why RH blood type is so rare is because it has the "Rhesus Monkey" protein in it..Hmmm.. So we were right all along.. that there is a bunch of monkey's running France.

  2. The Obama "video" if you look the head is a fake video, the head moves as the bad composition done by the retarded that made it. I don't like to see such manipulation in images of Obama because as said multiple times in channelings: Obama is of the Light side, he is not your enemy. The ones trying to attack him are the enemies making you think they are your friends.

  3. Nice video guy, I can tell you put a lot of hard work in this…keep up the good work in getting the truth out. This is our phucking planet, it is not the lizard peoples planet. These reps have to give full disclosure as rules to the game…regardless if it is in moves or other wise.

  4. VERY GOOD. These are of the "Faery"/Jinn, in ancient terms. They ARE among us, their "hybridized" (human/Jinn) "clones". AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, nothing new under the sun, YET, "Times like never before seen".

  5. what a fucking idiot pharos were women all women .. this was the matriarch of ancient civilizations to complicated for these idiots and morons who are putting out this shit .. it is all bullshit ..  there is no such thing s as aiens ok all free masonic bullshit for over 4 thousand years .. Zionist and Jesuits are responsible for all this fucking garbage you morons out believe in  you fucking dummy do your research you fucking cum quat moron

  6. superseeds nothing cause it deceits of the jesuits law is wall creating the axis of power dc london vatican the evil empire as for me i dont serve the vatican jesuits london crown nor the other different religions like islam freemasons 33 and a whole bunch of minions are your enemy that what was mint bitterly used their ring leader satan i'll be their when he gets drugged to the pit ask an it shall be givein unto you so be it

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