This video should hopefully explain the power structure with sufficient detail to completely eradicate and forever expunge the daft notion that the Rothschild’s control the world. Nothing more to say, sit back and watch. Everything presented in this video has been thoroughly researched, I have the sources and data to backup EVERYTHING that has been said in this video. Without question, this video totally debunks the notion that the Rothschild’s control the world.

You’re looking at a family of Sabbatean-Frankist Hofjuden (“Court Jews”) who do the bidding of the Black Pope, nothing more, nothing less. They are Knights and Barons of the Holy Roman Empire. And some of these knights are subordinate to the British Empire. Of course Queen Elizabeth II is Sovereign of the lesser order, the “protestant” Venerable Order of St. John, which is ruled by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta of Rome. She is therefore a Dame of Malta, subordinate to the Rome, where then does that place these filthy hofjuden Rothschilds?

Use some common sense. Think about it.

video from to MeditzNet


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