The Royal Bloodline Family

Murdered By The Monarchy part 1
Made by Chris Everard’ The Enigma Channel

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction
Secret Instructions of the Society of Jesus
The Secret History of the Jesuits
Jesuit General and the Jesuit Order
The Jesuit Vatican New World Order
Mystery Babylon
The Unhived Mind
Spiritually Smart
The Evil Empire of Jesuit Futurism

The Jesuits are the New World Order.
They influence the world, because it is them the Illuminati.
The Jesuits are intelligent, educated, manipulative and cunning.
They are everywhere.
The Jesuits have infiltrated and took control of Freemasonry and Zionism.
They use poverty as a front. It serves them to fool people, already numb, full of drugs and Masonic propaganda.
The Jesuits are preparing for the coming of the Antichrist.
They worship Lucifer.


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  1. The Ruspoli family is one of the most wicked criminal bloodlines and they are part owners of the Vatican with princely titles all over Italy and Spain. The family claims to have ancestry from Scotland through their Marescotti lineage and they have some covert authority over Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Ruspoli family are also intermarried with the Giustiniani, Corsini, and Massimo families and are involved with Italian banking and military. Many members of the Ruspoli family are Knights of Malta. Prince Alessandro Ruspoli was the a direct descendent of the Mattarazzo family of Brazil. The Mattarazzo family originated in Italy before immigrating to Brazil. Count Francisco Matarazzo founded Industrias Reunidas Matarazzo S.A which was one of the largest companies in Brazil and Prince Alessandro "Dado" Ruspoli inherited a portion of its wealth through his mother Claudia de Conti Mattarazzo. The Ruspoli family have some authority over the South American drug cartels through former princes like Marcantonio Mario Ruspoli III of Brazil and Don Carlo Maurizio Ruspoli of Argentina. Prince Dado Ruspoli was also an actor and in the movie Godfather III which is one of the many examples of Hollywood glorifying the Italian Mafia. Tao Ruspoli who is the son of Dado Ruspoli is in the entertainment industry and was married to the actress Olivia Wilde. Dado's other son Bartolomeo Ruspoli not to be confused with his cousin also named Bart Ruspoli from London is married into the Getty family which established Getty Oil Company. Jean Paul Getty was considered the wealthiest man in America in his time and they descend from the founder of Gettysburg. The British knight banker and multi millionaire Mark Getty was born in Rome. Forbes estimates the Getty family's wealth at over 5 billion. The official head of the Ruspoli family Prince Francesco Ruspoli is married to Angelica Visconti Ferragamo of the wealthy Ferragamo family. The House of Ruspoli are intermarried with Brazilian, Italian, and American billionaires. Prince Francesco Ruspoli is friends with the Sturdza family of Romania and they own a bank in Switzerland called Banque Eric Sturdza.

    Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli-Marescotti was a top executive for Banca Romana and worked under the Italian Bank of the South. Prince Lilio was also the Italian High Commissioner of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and ambassador for the SMOM. The Marescotti family also merged a family branch with the Del Drago family of Viterbo, Italy. The name Del Drago means "of the dragon" and they are likely a branch of the Romanian Drago family. Marquis Luis Ruspoli who died in 2011 was a Knight of Malta and Duke Carlos Ruspoli of Alcudia and Sueca who died in 2016 was also a Knight of Malta. The Ruspoli family have two grape vines on their coat of arms. Grapes and wine are often used as metaphors for blood by the Illuminati. The Roman Catholic Church drinks wine as a metaphor for the "Blood of Christ" and the Illuminati really do drink human blood and adrenochrome. The Ruspoli family are deeply involved with satanic ritual abuse and mind control. The Blumenthal and Lichnowsky families of the Holy Roman Empire use the same grape vines on their coat of arms and likely have a blood relation with the House of Ruspoli. The Ruspoli family are also all honorary princes of the Holy Roman Empire. They financed and ran small military regiments for the Vatican to gain higher level nobility. Don Enrique Jaime Ruspoli is a Count of Banares in Spain and Princess Giacinta Ruspoli holds titles in Spain as well. The Ruspoli family are married with the Spanish Houses of Bourbon, Alvarez, and Arteaga. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia and her son Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia were born in Spain and reside there today covertly serving the Ruspoli family. Russia takes its name from Rus. Russia is Ruspoli territory. The word Ruse derives from the Ruspoli family because they are highly deceptive. Donald Trump's "Russian Collusion" is a ruse and distraction from Trump's Roman Collusion. The Members of the extremely wicked Ruspoli crime family include Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli, Prince Francesco Ruspoli, Princess Giacinta Ruspoli, Tao Ruspoli, Bart Ruspoli, and Don Enrique Jaime Ruspoli, 19th Count of Banares.

  2. People don't even realize that these families function within every community and everyone is related through 1-3 people.  The thing is that when you get to the guys on the top, if you make a deal with them and don't keep your word they might kill you or do something messed up to you like they did me, but call on God and he will give you the answers to get out of your problems.  PS the wealth has been completely mis managed for the last 9 years since Kurupt was shut down.  If people would have been allowed to express emotions through clothing color frequencies the world would have been a'lot better.  Now i'm writing legislation that is being posted for the entire world.  Why wouldn't you allow me to use the Money that I helped so many make unless they truly are the ones who are greedy.  Im so frustrated that i'm going to start convincing you that certain things are real that could be an illusion to you guys to the point that the curse of ISIS will pass through everyones house but as a Ghost once her Dad finishes her off.  

    B your dad would possibly do it if I gave him his reason as to why it needs to be done.  

  3. honestly I hate the royal blood line so much that I wanto tear them to pieces, they are nothing but a low vibrational conscious imbred scum, who are in fear, they are in fear because they will probably eventually get destroyed buy the divine forces, when I die I will find a way to stop their bullshit and fuck their entire system of power and lies till it crumbles like a dried up piece of shit

  4. That's a popular misconception. The queen still has the power over all commonwealth governments. She dissolved the canadian one couple of times lately when they wanted to do something she didn't like. Also, she still owns a big chunk of America and about half of Canada, not to mention all the other countries around the world. She is not just a nice old lady that cuts ribbons. She is powerful but works behind the scenes. They interbreed. William married his distant cousin, on same day Hitler wed.

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