16 Replies to “The Royal Wedding and other fairy tales.”

  1. I think the monarchy could be a force for good with the right people in charge. Having someone outside of the political system who can veto wars and banker bailouts might actually be useful.

    The Windsors who came from Germany in the 1700s are just puppets in my opinion. The last British monarch who seemed to have real power inside the government was the Stuart king Charles 1st who was beheaded by parliament. My guess is that Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands who regularly attends builderburg meetings has more power than Queen Elizabeth but difficult to say where the real power is.

  2. My friend, who was british until She married an american and got "citizenship" here, woke Me up (still recuperating from a flu and in deep need of sleep) by turning on the TV to watch that tripe. As I crash on the floor below the TV, I was quite rudely awakened to listen to it, thinking… Gee. A man and a woman (maybe) are getting married. We ALWAYS cover weddings with hours of yada yada. Every one, right? Heh.

  3. All these so called 'Patriots' who love the Royals are fuckin stupid traitors. They claim "the Queen doesnt receive a salary". Yeah where da fuck do u think tax money goes to?

    When it aint funding wars for Jews in the Middle East its being used to pay for the palace they live in that YOU are forbidden from entering.
    Fucking Cucks.

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