In this video, i’ll be exposing the satanic “formal education system” that has being utilized to enslave many souls world-wide. I’ll be covering the occult significance behind the school system and why many are forced/ strongly ancouraged/ persuaded to partake in the occult satanic education system. Hope you’d learn something new. God bless you!

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When you are very considerate of the “New world order” system, then you are more likely to speculate some certain issues with the world we live in. It seems like “Martial Law” is more likely to take place very soon. There are also some speculation regarding “Fema camps” and the use of “HAARP” to control the mass in a very nefarious way. “CERN is also a big consideration and “Project Blue beam” will also be used to deceive many people ablut the “fake ufo’s”. tHE “FREEMASON” also tend to bather together to perform their evil deeds while the “illuminati” which are forever known as the most powewrful “occultic group” in the world are also contributing to their “NWO” agenda through serveral means, some of them are “MK ULtra” Its also crucial to understand that “9/11 was an inside job” and also that the “federal reserve” is the BIGGEST scam in US History and the world History. Poeple often ask these questions what is “Mass media and Mind control, Agenda 21 HAARP Georgiaa Guidstones Project Bl;ue Beam Codex Alimentarius EMF’s project “Garden Plot” “Chemtrails” Fluoride & Aspartame side effects The Anglo Saxon Mission Sinkholes CERN Cannabis Oil Vitamin B17 “Freemasons” NWO Illuminati Project Avaion MK Ultra Monarch Programming Club of Rome Monsanto Jesuit Order Black Pope Kabbalah Fake UFO’s Denver “airport Murals” “Skull & Bones” “911 Attacks” “13 illuminati” “Bloodlines” “The federal Reserve” “Rothschild” “Rockerfellas” “Soros Kissinger.”


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  1. I am a Professor for a very old University here in the US, and a Christian. No, we need more young people who are Christian's in our College system.  Be in the world to win souls for Yeshua – but do not be part of the World.

  2. I dont feel sorry for them. They could have went to community college for two years for 1/3 of the cost of state public schools tuition, and then to a public state school. If they have over 100k in loans they went to a private school. They didnt think it thru. It is a scam that could have been avoided.

  3. I never went to college straight out of high school started working now I have lot's of money. Even though it's just paper and work is consensual slavery im better off than I would be if I went to college.

  4. President Obama told an audience in Europe "ordinary Americans are "too small-minded to govern their own affairs" and should "surrender their rights" to an "all-powerful sovereign." They have dumbed us down and put us under a spell! We will never win unless we all start to fight "the system"

  5. It's very different in the UK. We leave high school at 16. College is free until you're 18. They even pay you up to £30 EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) per week as an incentive for further education.
    Its going to University where you rack up student loans and a life time of debt. However the rule is, if your degree doesn't benefit you in a high paying job, the debt never gets enforced to pay back.
    If my children wanted to work in retail, beauty therapy, food or mechanics, I'd recommend college. However if they wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant, then they'd have to go to university for the relevant qualifications to enter that field.

  6. Want to get saved? Pray this prayer – OUT LOUD 👂-

    “Dear God and Heavenly Father, please hear my prayer. I now give my life to you Father and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  I believe he died on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day. Please make me ready for his return. I now turn away from Satan and all his works, fill my heart with you precious Holy Spirit and wash me clean of all my sins. Help me to stay close to you all the days of my life, thank you God. In Jesus name I pray!!! Amen.

    Romans 10:9  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

  7. Makes me wanna puke. Honestly. I hate this prison. It's a prison for your soul. It's sickning. All of this. The worst thing is that people don't want to hear this. Honestly I don't blame them.. Ignorence is a bliss even though it's blasphemy to say so.

  8. James i use to draw my own comic books and everything, left handed, they were all worldly characters and storylines, i held onto them for like 5 years then i woke up and threw them away.. ive wanted to try drawing online with a stylus just havent tried yet, is that modeling program something i can download for free?

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