The Secret History of the Jesuits

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by Dr. Alberto Rivera

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Foreword by Edmond Paris.

Section 5
Chapter 2

Preparations for the Second World War

In 1919, the sons of Loyola reaped the bitter fruits of their criminal politics. France had not succumbed to the “thorough bleeding”. The apostolic empire of the Habsburgs, which they had encouraged to “punish
the Serbians”, had disintegrated, liberating the Orthodox Slavs from the yoke of Rome. Russia, instead of coming back to the Roman fold, had
become marxist, anti-clerical and officially atheistic. As for invincible Germany, it foundered in the chaos.

But the proud nature of the Company would never consider confessing a sin. When Benedict XV died, in 1922, it was ready to start again on a new basis. Is
it not all-powerful in Rome?

Let us listen to M. Pierre Dominique: “The new pope Pius 11th who is, according to some, a Jesuit, tries to patch things up. He asks the Jesuit Father d’Herbigny to go to Russia, in an attempt to rally whatever is left of Catholicism, and especially to see what could be done. Vague and big hope: to rally around the pontiff the persecuted Orthodox world.

“In Rome, there are thirty-nine ecclesiastical colleges, whose foundation marks the dates of great counter-offensives; most of these counteroffensives
were Jesuitical in their working and direction: Germanic college (1552), English (1578), Irish (1628, re-established in 1826), Scottish (1600), North-American (1859), Canadian (1888), Ethiopian (1919, re-constituted in

“Pius 11th creates the Russian college (Pontificio collegio russo di S. Teresa del Bambino Gesu) and puts it under the Jesuits’ care. They also look
after the Oriental Institute, the Institute of Saint-John Damascene, the Polish college, and later the Lithuanian college. Are these reminders of Father Possevino, Ivan the Terrible and the false Dimitri? The second of the three great objectives during Ignatius’ time takes first place. The Jesuits, once again, are the inspiring agents and performers in that great enterprise.”


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