The Secret History of the Jesuits

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by Dr. Alberto Rivera

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Foreword by Edmond Paris.

Section 5
Chapter 4

The Jesuit movement in France before and during the 1939-1945 war We have seen how the Catholic Action, with Leon Degrelle and his associates at the head, prepared the way for Hitler in the Belgium of “Christus Rex”. In France, the same undermining action was going on; it started when Mussolini came to power and ended up, in 1940, with the collapse of the national defence. As for Belgium, it was, so we are told, the “spiritual values” which had to be restored for the good of the country. The F.N.C.: “Federation nationale catholique” (National Catholic Federation) was born and placed under the presidency of General de Castelnau; as many as three million adherents joined it. The choice of its chief was clever: the general, a great military figure and, then, 78 years of age, covered with his personal prestige—but, of course, unknown to him—an intense clerico fascist propaganda programme.

That the F.N.C, as the whole Catholic Action, was Jesuit through and through is obvious to anyone. But we know also that the good Fathers, whose besetting sin is pride, like to put their signature on the creations of their genius. This they did for the F.N.C. when they consecrated this Catholic army to the Sacred-Heart of Jesus, a worship set up by their
Company and whose basilica stands on Montmartre hill, from where Ignatius of Loyola and his companions set off to conquer the world.
A book concerning the F.N.C, whose foreword was written by the R.P. lanvier, preserved for posterity the act of consecration read “at the altar” by the old general. We will quote just a few phrases:

“Sacred Heart of Jesus, The chiefs and representatives of French Catholics, prostrating themselves now before you, have assembled and
organised the National Catholic Federation (F.N.C.) to re-establish your reign over this land… All of us, those who are present and those who are absent, have not always been irreproachable… We carry the burden of the crimes the French nation committed against you… It is then with the view to repair and expiate that we present to you, today, our desires, intentions
and unanimous resolution to re-establish over the whole of France your sacred and royal sovereignty, and liberate the souls of her children from a
sacrilegious teaching… We will not flinch any more before this fight for which you condescended to arm us. We want everything to be bent before and
devoted to your service…

“Sacred Heart of Jesus, we beseech you, through the Virgin Mary, to receive the homage… “etc.”

As for the “crimes of the French nation”, the same Catholic author enumerates them:

Fatal words and general directives: socialism is condemned… liberalism is condemned… Leo XIII showed that the freedom of worship is unjustifiable. The pope also showed that the freedom of speech and expression cannot be justifiably accorded… So, the freedom of thought, press, teaching and worship, considered by some as rights natural to man,
cannot possibly be given…

“We must”, said Pius 11TH, “reinstate these teachings and regulations of the

Such is the main aim of the F.N.C., under the Hierarchy’s control assured by the decentralization of the diocesan Committees.

“In the Catholic Action, as in the war, the famous word of General de Castelnau remains true: “Forward.”

This is certainly clear and explicit. We know, then, what to expect when we read this, from Pius 11th: “The Catholic Action is the faithful’s apostolate…”

(Letter to Cardinal Van Roey, 15th of August 1929).

Strange apostolate, consisting of the rejection of all liberties valued by civilised countries and to be the patron of, instead of, of the totalitarian gospel! Is this “the right to communicate to other minds the treasures of Redemption”? (Pius XI, “Non abbiamo bisogno”).

In Belgium Leon Degrelle and his friends, heroes of the Catholic Action spread around them these “treasures of Redemption”… revised and updated
by the Jesuit Father Staempfle, the discreet author of “Mein

It was the same in France where lay apostles, “joining in the activity of the hierarchical apostolate” (Pius 11th “dixit”), were busy setting up another
“collaboration”. Let us read what Franz von Papen, the pope’s secret chamberlain and the Fuhrer’s right hand man, wrote concerning this subject:

“Our first meeting took place in 1927, when a German delegation, to which I had the honour to belong, came to Paris, for the “Social Week of the
Catholic Institute”, under the presidency of Monseigneur Baudrillart (94) and (95) Georges Viance: “La Federation nationale catholique”, foreword by the R.P.Janvier (Flammarion, Paris 1930, pp. 186,187,188,78).

This was indeed a fruitful first contact as it mark


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