The Secret Societies Murdered Jesus – Condensed

This is an edited version of 7 part series on another channel that had vulgar language in the description. We have attempted to sanitize this video to avoid such language and to eliminate unneeded advertising content. The text below is from the original series and has edited content for decency.

Physical and spiritual bondage by creating this duel system with the public Talmud and the very secret Kabbalah.

The teaching of the public Talmud bounded by almost a thousand rules in everyday living and begin to move away from the spiritual truth God had revealed to Moses Thus the first requirement of the secret society was fulfilled: hiding the truth from the people partly by outright fabrication and partly by adding to Moses’ original laws.

Secondly, the Pharisees developed duel personalities. In Matthew 23:27-28 ….

Matthew 15: 1-20

Vipers = serpent.

Jesus leaves no room for error on this subject. Not wanting us to miss the point that the Pharisees were not just sinners. In John 8:44 Jesus said the father of the Pharisees was the devil. Jesus never said that to any other person or group of sinners.

The reason why Jesus was so stern towards the Pharisees is that He knew that they were worshiping satan for their participation in their secret society, the Kabal.

They thought the human nature was inherently good. They developed the system of salvation based on good works. Will be later called the Talmud.

White Freemasons are the worst kind because they are at the top of the hierarchy of the Freemasons and they want a race war in the US and they will unfortunately get it if people don’t wake up.

This elite Illuminati society requires members to affirm that Jesus performed his miracles through the power of witchcraft. This is the unpardonable sin, which means that an initiate of the skull and bones who affirms this belief can not ever be saved later in his life. (see video reprobate)

The rituals are prescribed activities for the demonic power to flow through the participant. These activities…the effect is devastatingly powerful as demonic force pours through the participant giving a counterfeit spiritual experience which literally transforms their lives. Never skip the word ritual.

Strong links between Skull & Bones and Bavarian Illuminists

Skull & Bones from Germany. The Thule Society, which leads to the founding of the Skull & bones in 1832.

The Thule Society created the Nazi party.

The total human lives killed were 18 200 000 soldiers and 16 300 000 civilians for a total of 34 000 000 deaths. When you add 18 000 000 from the death camps, it’s over 54 000 000 lost their lives as a final result of the occult practices and goals of the New World Order.


Pythagoras left his home in Greece to live for many years in Egypt. He wanted to learn the secrets of geometry and he knew that the only place in the world at that time that he can learn geometry was in an Egyptian secret society. In other words, only in a satanic secret society could Pythagoras and many others learn geometry. Satan has revealed those precious secrets to the priest in the secret society for the sole purpose to use the skilled mathematics as a bait to lure the best minds in the world. Satan knew that once a man is successfully been taught something so wonderful and practical as geometry he will be wide open to receive this false satanic contained within the spiritual or secular schools of knowledge. Thus satan revealed this geometry to members of ancient secret societies.

Geometry, astronomy, physics, medicine, higher mathematics, music, art, literature and planting of subliminal messages.

The inventor of the IBM computers in 1980 received the inspiration for his computer coding from a psychic dream. In other words, a demon worked though Mr. so and so to create a computer. Both inventors of the apple computers were occultists. To prove that the computer an occult bait they put the original computer at $666.

The externalization of the hierarchy reveals that the creation of the atomic bomb emerges from a first “ray Ashram” which is a demon working in conjunction with the governments….

“Once a person has committed this heinous sin, the Holy Spirit stops working in that person’s life, restraining sin and convicting him of sin. As a result, a person can become incredibly hard-hearted, callous and cruel. As the world is hurtling toward the One World government, economy, and religion of Antichrist, can you see how leadership comprised of men who have committed this sin have been maneuvered into place by the Lord of this World, to begin the awful judgments pronounced by the Book of Revelation”.

It is said that Jesus was considered to reveal the secrets of the secret society and therefore, worthy of painful death.

Since they were able to perform the same miracles with the power of demons, they attributed the power of Jesus to demons as well.


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