“The Seven Seals of Revelation” Sermon on the Tribulation (Preaching to Navajos)

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  1. At the start. It may of been to just clarify.
    If not, don't do what you did, you would know, they don't.

    They may not see for we oh of blood the mis-created you hear whispers of those who used to call them gods.

    He who hath providence guide him unto that of the truth,
    Do not fall to the fox red as blood, the highest slueth.
    Pieces move, the game is played,
    For all those who do believe are slayed,
    mercy cry upon the lambs feet,
    for none of you will sit upon the seat,
    unless those who sacrifice,
    the thorns in eyes, the splinters in life.

    Peace to until you all, for the game is being played.

    From someone who used to rock both sides of good and evil, the evil made me believe there was a good. Only because of those moments of respite from suffering are truth, suffering is the lesson, and the answer is not to suffer, those who know, will not suffer, those who forget the truth in-front of their eyes, suffer eternally.

    Anti-Christ (Multiple) shall come, even though their is many, we know is the last time.

    Know evil, and then you hath the ability to seek good.

  2. You jave no concept of the book of Revelation. But , you and your followers should definately read it because you are in there. The galse prophets , the falling away , and of course those knashing of teeth that were not allowed entrance into the kingdom whom Jesus turned away. He never knew you nor you him
    You are bashing his people the Jews , you are saying that six million of his people were not murdered by Hotler who blamed the jews for everything like you do
    you are the anti Christ spurit mr anderson. Is Gids word wrong ? Is Jesus word wrong ? Are all of the prophets wrong ? Are you the only right person ? Have you set yourself above God Mr. Anderson ?

  3. Read your KJV Bibles, so you may understand and not be deceived; apostasy is at hand. God bless and may all of us reach the lost to the understanding of the blood of Jesus Christ for salvation through faith. Great preaching Pastor Anderson.

  4. Who is a antiGod spirit / antiChrist spirit?.

    Anyone that is preaching or teaching against God being our one and only Lord God come in the flesh, is an antiGod spirit / antiChrist spirit, we are to not make such a person welcome into our house we have been sanctified into, which is the flesh and blood body of the Son God our one and only Lord was manifest into, God has with Him now, seated at the right hand side of the authority of God our Father. Amen.

  5. This is only in love, my brethren, but I must speak the Truth, that according to Revelation 4:4, there are already 24 elders clothed in white raiment, wearing golden crowns in Heaven. These same elders sing they are "redeemed" by the blood of the Lamb, "out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation…" according to Revelation 5:9. (this proves they aren't Israelites). We see these elders with golden crowns and sitting on thrones in Heaven (this proves they aren't angels). Notice, however, Jesus promises to share His throne with all of His disciples, according to Matthew 19:28. The 24 elders wearing crowns represent the completed Church. We (the Church) who faithfully love Christ and keep His commandments, will be rewarded with white raiment and golden crowns before God sends the deceiving "conqueror" in the First Seal. The "great multitude" that John sees around God's throne, after the Sixth Seal, are those who've rejected Christ (including those who've failed to keep Him first), and so they had to be either martyred, or protected by God during the tribulation. Many saints and prophets were killed before Christ established the Church, these are the souls John sees "under the altar" at the Fifth Seal. Christ has already taken up His Church before this seal, so, a "great multitude" (who Christ could not add to His Church) will remain on earth to endure the tribulation. This great multitude is also God's elect, but they will experience the same trials and suffering of the saints killed throughout history, before Christ established His Church. Yet all who prove their faith in Christ during the tribulation, will be saved and invited to the Marriage Supper of The Lamb. Tribulation saints are guests of this Supper, but not the bride of Christ. The saints that "came out of great tribulation" include unbelieving Jews and Gentiles, who received salvation by calling on the name of Jesus Christ, and many by faithfully giving their lives for Christ during the tribulation. We who are faithful to Jesus Christ NOW are already saved. The Church is already prepared for Christ before the tribulation begins, just as the five wise virgins who eagerly await the bridegroom in Matthew 25. There's a reason John hears the command of Jesus to "Come up hither," along with a trumpet, right before he's translated up to God's throne room in Revelation 4. Notice, this happens before our Lord opens the First Seal. The reason is because the Church (including the dead in Christ and living believers in Christ) will hear the command of our Lord, the last trumpet, as written by Paul (Not the Seventh Trumpet), and will be caught up… "to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with our Lord," before He opens the First Seal. God Bless.

  6. pastor Anderson the sixth seal is about to bereak and lo an eathwuake , the 1st five seals are already here nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and soo the trumpets will sound in zion then the seven trumepts 3 and a half years and then the 7 bowls 3 and a half years for the final 7 yers which start right after the eath quake coming

  7. There is no such thing as THE anti-christ. The only anti christ is in Revelation and he is with Jesus more than against him (angel of the Lord). False christ, yes. Spirit of antichrist, yes. THE antichrist, no.

  8. Only 7 people in his church. Woot!! People are waking up and turning away from this heretic. 🙂 He has a captive audience, wheel chair bound. I feel sorry for them. We need to pray for the people that listen to this heretic that they will turn away from him and turn to the Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Word Of Faith Baptist church is evil. Please leave it if you go there.

  9. Sanderson1611 trumpets are being herd around the earth starting 2011 to now may 2015. 5th seal Christians being killed (Isis) 2014 earth quakes flooding? Have you herd of this ? Do you think this is related? 1st Seal as 2011 till now 5th seal as 2015 which trumpets being herd still? I looked up events to which seems to be from what you Explained

  10. The Antichrist gonna be a powerful king whose kingdom is to the north of Israel (Ezekiel 39). His city is built on 7 hills, Moscow for example. He had been a king then for short time, gave up his power to other person but just for the short time and then came back again. Being a king for a second he is going to be revealed as an Antichrist on some time of his ruling. Putin- Medvedev -Putin. (Revelation 17). Just thoughts…

  11. Never be scared of the tribulation…for me to live is Christ to die is gain…..I probably have a way rougher mentality and upbringing then most here but never ever ever fear man and what he can do to you.

  12. I had a question – is not a "gotcha" question or anything like that, as I am a Christian and I agree with a lot of what you have to say – but since the one unforgivable sin is blaspheming the Holy Ghost, if a Christian is Baptized and saved, then blasphemes the Holy Ghost during, say a low spot in life, is there anything in the Bible that the Holy Ghost says to address this?  

    Or even in the case of a non believer blaspheming then coming to the truth of Jesus then wanting to be saved, is this addressed?  

    Thank you

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