What will be the end result after 4/18/2018 at the Hague meeting of the OPCW reporting to the states involved in the investigation of the Skripal poisoning.?????…..

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“APOC’ALYPSE, noun apoc’alyps. [Gr. from to disclose; and to cover.]

Revelation; discovery; disclosure. The name of a book of the New Testament, containing many discoveries or predictions respecting the future state of Christianity, written by St. John, in Patmos, near the close of the first century.”

The Apocalypse has been occurring since March 12th 2013 when Pope Benedict XVI discovered, revealed and disclosed the Lord Jesus Christ is indeed back in the person of Yahweh-Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly-Marshall, the most royal man on the earth the descendant of King William I the Lion King of Scotland who was the King of Judah …the Antichrist is Francis a (((Jesuit Jew))) who refused to believe and denied the Christ and Benedict’s findings in spite of the evidence placed before him on March 23rd 2013 at Castelgandolfo, he rejected and so stands in opposition to the Christ making him the Antichrist.

The wars and death and sickness and hopelessness of billions has continued as Francis has censored the news that will bring peace to the nations once the leaders of the nations follow the counsel of the Christ to eradicate evil from the earth the (((Synagogue of Satan))) the Protocols of the Elders of Zion operating behind the scenes pitting Muslim against Christian fueling the war predicted by Albert Pike a Freemason member of the (((Synagogue of Satan))).

The link to the letter written by Pope Benedict XVI announcing who the Christ is to the world…..Roman Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI Apostolic Letter download and share – https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrch9lj4at43dj9/Roman%20Pontiff%20Emeritus%20Benedict%20XVI%20Apostolic%20Letter%20Signed.pdf?dl=0

Vatican III – https://www.dropbox.com/s/gsb3x815qd4g0zv/Vatican%20III.pdf?dl=0


10 Replies to “The Skripal Plot Gets Interesting”

  1. I find it a dam shame that I cannot share this. Your work is great and thank you. Now for the reason that this report will be met with scepticism rather than curiosity in my readership. While I and many in my readership agree in no small measure your displeasure w.r.t. a religious minority being overly represented in the halls of power and wealth on this planet, having a what seemed like a rant about Jews will just serve their cause. Some people will immediately switch off because of that and there goes the baby with the bath water !! Sister we cannot afford it. You know the enemy let's not hand the ammunition to them on a silver platter. Love ya work and all the best for the future.

  2. NO chemical/nerve agent was involved in Skripal case, otherwise they would be dead and with them many in their proximity – NO chemical/nerve agent was involved in Skripal case, otherwise they would be dead and with them many in their proximity – nobody died! Then, if by some extreme coincidences the Skripals and others nearby did not die, they would have had at least major brain damage. Nothing of that. The ‘samples’ provided for examination came from UK laboratories. No other explanation is feasible. A big farce, extremely badly written plot and as this pathetic plot is uncovered more lies are added as truth.

  3. They said there was novichock on their front door, and on their car. If it had been on the door, they wouldn't have made it to the car! It's quite possible that who ever was trying to frame the Russians, was the one driving their car at 2.55pm, while they were in the restaraunt.

  4. BZ … a NATO CW that reminds me of the old owlsley LSD25 orange sunshine .. a 3 day hallucinogen of trippin ur ass off but non functioning. They make great comedic movies about shit like this. Obviously someone luved the film n replicated it for the EU. Lots of old hippies can describe a bad trip on this shit n being hospitalized. We never forgot our pets though. Dumbass brits.

  5. God bless you BRIAN LEONARD GOLIGHTLY MARSHALL and your wonderful wife I believe you and no you only tell the truth it’s evil that lies. Peace be with you I love you. Thank you for everyday of my life and for being here to help us no the truth. Thank you thank you thank you.

  6. This whole thing has had a fishy smell from day 1 , it sounds a lot like the magician who said he was given powers from outside sources who was sent to kill the king and who got fired by his own followers because he not just failed to kill the king but the king even had time to produce several ofspring.

  7. I thank you for going over this with us. Just hearing your voice seems to put me at ease. My Prayers for all the Truth coming out . I'm still praying for President Trump to keep to it and also we're waiting for the day he announces Yahweh Jesus Christ is Back and alive in the flesh his new name is "Brian Marshall Leonard Golightly" he is the Kings of Kings and the Prince of Peace He is Our Comforter

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