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  1. Another cut 'n paste antisemitic rag by a Black speaker flipping the pages of a history book as he goes.
    DNA evidence has shown Ashkenazim are not Khazars.
    There is no archaeological evidence for Jewish Khazarians. No Jewish Khazarian cemeteries with obligatory Hebrew inscribed tombstones; no mikvas, of specified size determined in the Bible, no synagogues where communal prayer is required, no ritual objects, no Jewish literature in Khazar language, no Rabbinical correspondence; NOTHING!! Its a total racist fraud to support replacement theology that Jews today are not real Jews, but Xtians are somehow New Jews deserving of G-d's blessing promised to Jews.
    Benjamine Freeman was a Catholic convert from Judaism who had an axe to grind.  He was just a soap manufacturer, not an historian nor intellect by a self-aggrandizing monied man who wanted to be someone.

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