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  1. OK, Im back, (thank you very much) 🙂 Im at 1:15:28 and its over, he didnt say a single thing. Hes talking about the separation of church and state. Really? This has not been going on since 1776? Lol. OK, now IM gonna preach.
    The damage is DONE as in past tense. This will wax worse. If you believe in Make America Great again you are a fool and no bible based Christian. What will be will be . IT IS WRITTEN. So why act surprised when it does happen? You didnt believe God in the first place? Poor baby Christians. My poor "weak" brothers and sisters. Romans 14.
    We already know these things. The question is WHAT are we going to DO about it? It does absolutely NO GOOD to point your finger and say "see I told you so."
    If you are not part of the SOLUTION you ARE the problem. IF you are not prepared now you will NEVER be prepared. Never give a sermon pointing out problems and NOT give the ANSWER to those problems.
    "I" will give the ANSWER to these problems. DO YOUR job! Preach the Sabbath day, STAND in the face of Men and Devils and PREACH the TRUTH! Jesus IS the truth. John 14:6. PREACH the everlasting Gospel. TODAY. DO NOT wait for the ANICHRIST to show up on the scene and start chopping peoples heads off. It will be to LATE by then just like it is to late for the US. We ARE the NWO. We LET this happen. This "must needs be" this is Gods way of weeding out the wheat from the chaff. You will be known by your WORKS, your knowledge is useless if you dont put it into ACTION.
    Go tell it on the MOUNTAIN. NOW! THAT is the answer to this dilemna. Sitting back and pointing fingers is you being a Laodicean, Go read Rev chapter 3 again. Ill end by saying. STUDY, TEST, PROVE, and WORK, NOW! Get it? Got it? Good. Now go DO IT. Thank you God bless you in your fight, for we are SOLDIERS of Christ and what does a soldier do? He puts on the whole Armor of God and he FIGHTS! The end. Grace Peace and Mercy be unto us all without which we wouldnt take another breath. "NEVER sacrifice truth for unity" STAND.

  2. See, I just dont have the patience for this, talking about George Bush, Trump or Obama is conspiracy theory stuff, It has nothing to do with bible Prophecy or the Sunday Law which really is meaningless anyway. So the antichrist will have his Sunday Law. Meaning to me? Nada. But wait, at least we can say we were right. Huh. Fleshly much?
    The Pope is behind the Sunday Law NOT American presidents. Be serious, why even talk about it? SDA's creep me out sometimes. And Im one of em. I just read an article last month where CATHOLICs tried to make a law to close shOps on sUNDAY! Who? Catholic Bishops and Cardinals etc. Not George Bush NOT Donald Trump. NOT worth talking about, that is you tube conspiracy talk. Not biblical preaching. Ill say this Jesuits and the "world" have ALLready as in PAST TENSE infiltrated the SDA pulpits. Nobody cares or says a thing, IF you bring it up you will ostricized. tHE sda CHURCH HAS BECOME THE lAOCICEAN CHURCH. Just like the rest of Protestantism.
    I dont hear the 3 angels message here, I dont hear the Sabbath here, I dont hear any SDA messages here. And this is the beginning of sorrows!, if we dont start preaching the message we are SUPPOSED to be preaching now, NOW! NOW! NOW! Not tomorrow, not next week and not next year. God will spew us out of His mouth!
    Yay he finally said something at 20:07 the President will manipulated by the Catholic church, RIGHT, but I say again WHO? THE CATHOLIC CHURCH! Tell me something I havnt known for 28 years. Lol. This is our message? Look I give up I just wanna say in MY eyes (personal opinion) the SDA church is impotent. sorry. All Christianity has known the Pope was the AntiChrist for 500 years. Gee thanks for the latest information. Lol. Next we will be calling Trump the AntiChrist. Like 12 year old you tubers.
    Ok, Im at 40:47 he is saying basically this. Their will be a Religiopolitical system in place in the last Days. This is the Beast. Some people call it "Big Brother" some people call it the "NWO" some people call it "Illuminati" Its all the same thing. Just a different name. AND we see this coming to pass before our eyes. Yay. But really, we didnt know this was gonna happen? we dont already see this happening?, you are preaching to the choir. WHAT are we supposed to be DOING as SDA'? Dont tell me 2000 year old information from Daniel and Revelation. What are SDA's supposed to be DOING! Fast forward again still waiting for him to actually say something.
    OK Im at 48:03 He said their will be Sunday law. SO WHAT? their has been Sunday Law since 321 AD when Constantine the first self proclaimed Bishop of Rome CHANGED the day! This was Prophesied in Daniel 7:25. Now we are getting 4 thousand year old news. Lol The FACT is that TODAY if you worship on Sunday, you are "keeping the tradition of man and nullifying Gods Commandment and Jesus says therefore you worship me in vain!" Mark 7:7 and Math 15:9. We dont NEED a Sunday law to make this happen, it happened 1700 years ago. So stupid. This is Jesuit "futurism, spoken from the SDA pulpit. Keeping every bodies eyes focused on the FUTURE and not the NOW! TODAY is the acceptable day.2 Cor. 6:2 Dont worry about tomorrow, worry about TODAY..Mathew 6:25-34. OK, fast forward this message, Finding out if the guy has anything to actually say here. Still hasnt said anything so far.
    To be continued…

  3. I love the 7th day Adventists. I have a family history there, BUT you do not have the end all beat all knowledge of Scripture, for if you did, you would know first of all that Trump is "President Trump" the King of Ephrayim, moreover, you would know that the buy/sell law was put in place from the very 1st Sabbath. President Trump fights the good fight. When his time is done in that position, it will be up to US to keep the momentum going toward good, going. The pastor in Iron Mountain called you "LUKEWARM" and there wasn't a peep out of anyone one there. No one got up and walked out realizing they were in a precarious place. My 7th Day Adventist Aunt out of the Clearwater Lake church, prayed for me daily since I was a baby. She called me wise for a little child. She taught me the 3 angles message, may it be for such a time as this. Come out of Babylon and live! His name is Yahweh. His Son bears His name, Yahshua! Yahshua is the Passover lamb, not the ISHTAR HAM. If your heart's are true, you will hear, you will repent, and you will return. YAH gives us the leader's we deserve. Sadly, I realized how far away from Him US is when a muslim was elected our king. Thankfully, today The Father has blessed US with President Trump, a true fighter for love, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all American's. There is a reason the grand pooba hates our President, and that makes me more sure that President Trump is on my side. I say, be careful what you say about our leader, for yes, this time it DOES MATTER who our President is.

  4. Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera and others Speak on Jesuit infiltration

    The Jesuits (society of Jesus) have totally taken over just about every facet of America. From all religions to all secret societies, government agencies, intelligence agancies in America and all over the world. Here an ex-jesuit priest Alberto Rivera (murdered by the Vatican in 1997 by poisoning) tells of why and how the Jesuits are doing this. We can see the evidence of this by the attacks on our civil liberties and the U.S. Constitution. It's time to wake up. Share this video and and post it anywhere you can. Also speaks of the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations being plots of the Jesuits from Rome.

  5. Calpurnius Piso wrote the bible…he was also the fake historian Josephus….Piso wrote under many alias names….Calpurnius Piso's sister Calpurnia Piso was married to Julius Caesar…a dictator for life and a god after his death. When he was 16years of age he was a priest in the temple…..The Piso and Flavian Dynasty families kept christianity going by their books and writing. Revelation is a book that was written by someone called the Ghost of Pathmos…not John….The Jesuit Order know all the history of ROME and her Elite and Emperors…They used part of the book of the Ghost of Pathmos to write Revelation to suck the people in and get them to lay down their lives for a false god….that the Romans gave their Slaves….yes some of those Elite Roman Senators had 200 plus slaves. The Jews were rebelling against the Romans and started to set their slaves free….The Maccabeus rebelled agianst Rome…so the Romans came up with a book the New Testament…that told the people to give back to Caesar what was Caesars….and to turn the other cheek when they are are struck by the Romans….especially when the Romans came around to collect those taxes…also told the people to lay down thier lives for god….but really they were talking about the Emperors…of Rome. Not an invisible god that they had made up….

  6. Hilarious … This guy is preaching about salvation while he reads from a computer with the symbol lucifer prominently displayed for all to observe and admire. A computer that was originally marketed to the public for …. $666

    I like the 7 Day Adventist. I enjoyed this sermon, this guy is very good and I believe sincere. Chris Hudson is my favorite pastor, I really resonate with you guys, but no 7th Day Adventist ever explains to me the Ellen White false prophesy. It is what keeps me out of your sect.

  7. A Genocide in Rwanda. The Criminal, a Pastor of the Adventist Church. It is an Adventist Pastor who by that time was in functions, !! Active !!, who was found guilty for the genocide of 2 million people. But he was not just a pastor, he was the president of the South Field of the Rwandan Adventist Church. "" nothing and nothing less "". In relation to some allegations about an alleged "Historical context – A Civil War". Forget about that, you will be measured with the same yardstick with which you measure. The Teaching or Moral: Who is free of Sin that throws the first Stone. Here is a summary of the events that occurred: It is the case that in Ruando and other neighboring countries persecution and extermination of a tribal group called the Tutsi, as well as another tribe or fraction called the moderate Hutus. who were assassinated systematically by militias, soldiers and the civilian population of the Hutu majority. between April and June of 1994. A pastor of the SDA Church. Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, who by that time was president of the South camp of the Rwandan Adventist Church, and her medical son were found guilty of participating in this genocide, which cost the lives of at least 800,000 to 1,100,000 people. Although some sources speak of a figure of up to 2 million people. According to Judge Eric Mose, who read the verdict, the Adventist pastor "led the militias to the place where the Tutsi were hiding and told them where they were." As for Gerard the pastor's son and member of the same Church, the The court ruled that "he participated directly in the attacks, on occasion he led and shot civilians at close range." The pastor, Elizaphan Ntakirutimana, 78, and his son Gerard, a doctor, 45, were sentenced to 10 and 25 years of imprisonment, respectively The sentence was handed down by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, based in the city of Arusha, Tanzania

  8. Also everyone that believes in King James Bible, you know that the Sabbath is the 7th day of the week thus it being Saturday . Yes Saturday has is will alway be the 7th day of the week . God said Keep my Sabbath Holy. The Catholic Church had the audacity to change Gods Word. They have taken out , put words in thus preparing their own demise.

  9. The Pope needs to keep religion out of politics . Your position is lead your Preachers in spreading the good news!!! Saving Souls for YAHWEH NOT LEAD THEM TO THE PIT. Also look into the Grey Pope Orsini ???? Why don’t you research him as he is in control over the Black Pope

  10. The Jesuit order control the whole world including most, of the American presidents.Even the Donald who claims to be an American protestant is bowing before the Jesuit pope.The United States Of America,has been infiltrated by the lying Jesuit order of the Roman papacy.Please look up Mr Eric John Phelps,this man has more inside knowledge of the great Vatican lie machine and subterfuge of the Vatican Whore.

  11. The danger of having an UnGodly uneducated leader, is that when he combines church & state, no one will have freedom. By trying to impose our own religion on other citizens we forget our next leader may not be even a pretend Christian and we then are at risk of experiencing the same loss of freedom we are imposing on others. If we dont protect religious freedom for everyone we risk losing our own religious freedom. In this country, should we fail to protect race, religion, speech, right to bear arms, and press, we will be at risk of losing our own rights. Basic 6th grade civics should prove this to any patriot. God HimSelf gave us religious freedom of choice- satan wanrs to decide for us and decieve humanity into false forced worship instead upholding the spiritual freedom of our God given sovereign right to choose who and how we worship. When we inflict our beliefs upon others we forget we may be the victim of the same persecution we have emposed upon those others. What happens when we combine church & state and and the next president isnt even pretending to be Godly? We are opening the door to the beast. The judicial system is where we should turn to address any identified terrorism- not by changing our Constitution which is there for our rights and protection. By changing our mind set to fear of an invisible ideology, instead of prosecuting any violations of the Constitution in a court of law, we risk undermining tens of thousands of American lives which were sacraficed over the last 250 years for our very hard won freedoms we are currently risking at this time in our country.. America can not survive under a fascist dictatorship where even questioning our leadership is considered antipatriotic and can result in incarceration and soon possibly death. Scripture is clear Jesus is the Way The Truth & The Life. No political leader of any partisanship can save the world. Only Jesus offers eternal salvation. May He have mercy on our country, on all of humanity, on our world leaders, and on All of His Amazing Creation. Amen

  12. You indicated terrorists attacked wtc..lolololololol…they Sure did.! We orchestrated the event to justify and patriot act and eventually undermine religious freedom through fear and domestic terrorism similar to germanies agenda in 20s and 30s. The US cant avoid war much longer. Our supposed elected officials are puppets for the nwo satanic masonic enslavement agenda. May Jesus have mercy on our souls.

  13. k Im at 3:45 and LOVING it. WE have an END TIME MESSAGE we NEED to be speaking it out NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW! The end times is not some futuristic far flung event anymore, its NOW. That other stuff is called "futurism" and its a Jesuit LIE. The end is NOW, I see it plain as day. Do NOT wait until the last minute to preach the everlasting Gospel, preach it NOW, do not wait for the "Antichrist to take his seat on the throne before you argue against Sunday worship. Preach it NOW. TODAY is the acceptable day! Amen?

  14. I think this might be the first good SDA preacher I have seen in a Looong time. Of course Im only at 1:35, but I am hopeful for this guy. Most SDA preachers got their heads where the sun dont shine hate to say. Ive been going to SDA church off and on for 27 years to btw, Im not an SDA hater. However they have CHANGED their teachings and the leadership is a pack of woosies, that couldnt take a stand if their lives depended on it and it does 🙂
    Its refreshing to hear a clear and CONFIDENT teacher teaching on something that actually MATTERS. Doug Batchelor is a massive fail. Mark Findlay is good. But the SDA's are lacking a good theologian with a SPINE. Somebody who will TEACH TRUTH! and STAND not afraid of hurting somebodies wittle baby fweelings. NEVER put people before truth, never sacrifice truth for unity, never be friends of the world and ALWAYS stand on the ROCK. Then you need not fear PEOPLE! Be gracious? yes, be tactful? yes, be a people pleaser? NO their is no reason on earth that SDA's should be speaking out of both sides of their mouth and basically going around with their tails between their legs like some whipped dog. Exactly the OPPOSITE, this is the END times, no time for PLAYIN CHURCH… Souls are at stake!!!!!! SPEAK OUT!!!
    Anyway this guy seems ok, so far like I said Im "hopeful" we need it.

  15. They will use Hegelienism to drive the country toward a church and state union by making it too painful not to go there. They will use terrorism etc to drive frightened people toward The New Roman Empire. This will lead to the Lucifarian World Order

  16. Jameel,Ali ,you are ignorant of the word of God .The elect of God will stay in heaven for a 1000 years.We will open the 3 books of the lost there ,from the time of Adam until the present time because Jesus will not pour fire and brimstone from heaven until the righteous knew why their love ones are not in heaven .Anyway this sermon is most awaited by SDAs because we understand prophecy more than any religion on earth.National Sunday law is coming ,read Revelation 12,13and 17 .But Jesus is also calling you out of Babylon so that you will not be partakers of her ( false church ) sin ,lest you share of her plagues ,for her sin have reached heaven .Revelation 18:4.

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