The Town of Dole has always been a nest for Jesuits, Freemasons and Templars alike.

In this video, you will find a disturbing painting in a roman catholic collegiate as well as other religious icons and imagery equally disturbing.

This town has also a very dark past: In January 1573, Gilles Garnier was put to death after being found guilty of lycanthropy and witchcraft. He had confessed of murdering and cannibalizing four young children.

There are many esoteric symbols and pictures in this town alluding to these mentioned secret orders.

There is also an interesting fountain that reveals much about the fallacy of the “Globe” model and is quite simply self-explanatory.


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  1. Around min13:18 did you see what appears to be an opening behind the painting…my first impression of a hidden opening, or is it just the shadows… creepy. Anyway, well done brother, this place is definitely demonic and thanks for shedding light on it, wish all Christians would see this and wake up.

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